Make Your Deck Your Go-To Spot for Fall


As the humidity dissipates and the temperatures dip, days on the deck become more and more enjoyable. Not only is this outdoor living space a lovely place to relax, but also a beautiful area to decorate.

You can be creative with pergolas, potted plants and comfortable furnishings on deck, and below, with under-deck ceiling ideas, outdoor entertainment systems and spa-like amenities. Any activity takes on an autumn feel with leaves changing in the background against a vibrant September sky.

How do you transform your utilitarian deck into a cozy getaway? With a little creativity and intention! Here are a few ideas to prime your pump of ideas:

  1. Frame up your space. Make your deck feel like a room by bringing indoor décor ideas outdoors. Use an outdoor rug to help define your space. Choose a rug that won’t hold water on your deck boards or position the rug in an outdoor space beneath the deck that is more protected from the elements.  Beware of any decorating ideas that might cause moisture to rot the wood on your deck.

Use outdoor curtains around the perimeter of your deck to add privacy and a luxurious feel. If you don’t have a natural place for the rods, consider adding some simple framing. Choose fabrics that are mildew and fade-resistant and durable enough to withstand rain and wind.

  1. Add color and texture. Whether through an outdoor rug, curtains, or cushions, add hues for the season. Try some fun pops of color that are on trend such as ultramarine green, amber glow, fired brick or magenta purple. Keep costs minimal by adding simple but fun accessories such as lanterns, candles and pillows.
  1. Green it up. Adding plants to your deck décor doesn’t have to stop with cooler weather. Rotate in some cooler weather plants in your containers. When container gardening, be sure to place the pots on risers or shelves to avoid rotten deck boards. If you just don’t feel you have the time or effort for live plants, get creative with artificial greenery. Artificial green walls have grown in popularity — especially since they are maintenance free and can be designed in all shapes and sizes. You can choose your favorites on sale at a craft store and build the background of your dreams.
  1. Make it entertaining. Whether you want to watch football with friends, throw a family birthday party or have an intimate dinner with friends, your deck provides a place to entertain in the fresh air. Especially with COVID, outdoor living spaces provide a safer space for fun.

A few upscale amenities such as an outdoor television or entertainment system opens up many opportunities for watching, singing and dancing the night away. Pick the right spot for your outdoor TV by considering the size of the area, the direction of the sun and your seating arrangement. Also, talk to your electronics dealer to understand whether you might need a speaker system to enhance the sound quality.

  1. Create a room under the deck. If your home has a two-story deck, meaning you probably have a walk-out basement, you can create a room beneath the deck. Think of the possibilities: a sunroom, children’s playroom, outdoor living room or outdoor kitchen. To make this space completely waterproof, install a quality over-joist drainage system to pull away rain and snow that comes through your deck-boards. A drainage system uses a series of troughs and gutters to keep your under-deck room dry and useable.
  1. Light the night. You can add lighting to your deck to make it safer and more enjoyable. Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive — or even require an electrician. Solar caps on your deck posts, a string of Edison lights or pierced lanterns are easy DIY add-ons. A pro can help you install step lights and add permanent fixtures on your home, so you can safely see the steps and railings at night.
  1. Dine al fresco. Get inspired with all of the choices in outdoor kitchens that are available today. An outdoor kitchen can help your home stand out when it’s time to sell your home.  Whether you purchase a simple grill and café set or you invest in an upscale space that rivals your indoor kitchen, dream about how you might use your deck for dining. Be sure to talk to your builder about safety provisions for any heating or cooking element on or near your deck.
  1. Curate comfort. Add life to your deck with updated furnishings. To being, ask how you will use your deck on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis. If you’ll be eating out often, you’ll need a quality dining set. If you will more often lounge on deck with a good book, choose a cozy couch or fun papasan chair. With any outdoor furnishings, go for durable, weather-resistant cushions and accessories. Any items with fabric will last longer by putting them in a deck box when you’re not using them.
  1. Add natural fall accents. There’s no better way to reflect the season than with pumpkins and gourds. Decks are premium pumpkin-carving stations, so invite a friend over and get creative. Pinecones, rocks or pretty branches can also help to blend your style with Mother Nature’s.
  1. Take a deep breath. A deck be a retreat from the world with a table-top fountain and some welcoming candles. Or go big with a hot tub, zero-gravity chairs or a sauna.

Your deck has so much to offer. Make the most of it this autumn!

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