6 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Flowers


Home design trends come and go, which is why it’s often inadvisable for homeowners to spend money on trendy furnishings because they can quickly go out of style. What interior designers recommend is infusing flowers into the home design, as these are timeless and add character to any home or design scheme. If you plan to add flowers into your home, here are some ways to pull it off:


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1.   Highlight the Hallway

Most homeowners overlook their hallways when it comes to designing their home. Perhaps it is due to the heavy traffic that most hallways have. However, placing a flower in your hallway is a great accent to consider. Imagine entering your home, and there welcoming you is a burst of flowers with an exquisite look and smell. If you have a spacious hallway, decorating it with an arrangement is ideal. For those with limited space, an orchid is the best option to have.

2.   Decorate the Dinner Table

Dinner tables are a perfect way to display an assortment of flowers. If you have a long table, you can place a row of different but complementing flower arrangements. Ideally, your table design should follow an odd number, like three or five vases lined in a row. For round dining tables, a single statement piece will do the trick.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

3.   Beautify Your Bedside

You can bring the beauty of the flowers to your bedroom. You should never forget to include your bedroom when designing with flowers. Carefully match the vase with the overall scheme of your bedroom. If you have a bedside lamp, make sure your choice of flowers will not block the light. Ideally, you should choose short-stemmed flowers that you can arrange on a low sitting vase. Make the arrangement as lush as possible to make up for the height of the flowers. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors to add life to your home.

4.   Play With Texture

Take a good look at your space and look at the overall design scheme. See what are the dominant lines and textures and consider adding a mixture of flowers with varying textures. For example, a glass center table can be best designed with round purple alliums. Their large flower heads can add a bit of life to the table. In the corner of your living space, you can play with long-stemmed flowers on a simple vase to add depth. Try to mix it up with neutral prints of paintings to be easier to play with different colors of flowers that you can source from shops like Euro Flowers every week.

flowersPhoto by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

5.   Bring in Minimalism

Most of the time, the best aesthetics that mirror the classics are best amplified using minimalistic designs. Sometimes working with fewer flowers in a home with heavy designs is the best approach. Say your living room has a mostly masculine design. It will best be infused with mostly greens that do not overwhelm your design but perfectly blend with it instead.

6.   Get Inspired by Nature

Whenever you are facing a wall in designing your home, always think about nature. Use it as your inspiration when decorating your home with flowers. Add elements that you usually see in your surroundings. Add twigs and incorporate them into your flower arrangements.

Flowers are an excellent investment to liven up your home. You can opt to change your flower arrangements every week, or you can invest in different kinds of orchids that you can strategically place in various areas of your home. Thanks to EuroFlowers for consulting




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