An elegant and contemporary house: Windsor Square


The elegant and contemporary house at Windsor Square, decorated by Massucco Warner, exemplifies a harmonious blend of traditional elegance and contemporary sophistication. This luxurious home showcases thoughtful design details, including a refined color palette, custom furnishings, and exquisite finishes. Each space reflects a balance of comfort and style, from the inviting living areas to the serene bedrooms and functional yet stylish kitchen. The design incorporates unique elements such as bespoke cabinetry, intricate moldings, and carefully selected art pieces, creating a cohesive and visually stunning environment.

* All images used with permission by Massucco Warner

elegant and contemporary house

Wallpaper as art in the foyer

Could I live with this wallpaper? I don’t know. But I keep coming back to look at this elegant and contemporary entryway. Maybe it’s the unusual mallard green and metallic gold motif that are so interesting beside the gorgeous wood banister and entry console. The pup doesn’t hurt either! They just need a custom pet portrait hanging in another room!

Subtle but Intriguing Living Room

elegant and contemporary house

Compared to the bold entryway, the living room is curiously subdued. At the same time the green coffee table, modern chandelier, and modern painting in violet really pull you into the space.

elegant and contemporary house

Well look at that! They do have a pet portrait in their living room. The amazing woodwork in the console is another testament to the elegant and contemporary theme that flows throughout the home

Elegant and bold in small spaces

Judging by the foyer and the bathroom, they like to go bold in small spaces. Again we see this emerald green brought in by dramatic wallpaper. Gold is also reintroduced by way of the vanity and other bathroom hardware.

elegant and contemporary house

Airy and Contemporary Kitchen

Like the living room, the elegance in the kitchen is a bit more subdued, but still present in sophisticated light fixtures, other hardware, and the tufted green banquette. The wood floors, table, and chairs, bring in warmth and charm that would otherwise leave the space a bit cold.

elegant and contemporary house

Lastly, quiet elegance in the bedroom

No elegant and contemporary home would be complete without the perfect bedroom. This one doesn’t disappoint. Like the kitchen, it’s contemporary, but it’s quiet elegance is so soothing – light, and airy. The delicate furnishing are so exquisite!

elegant and contemporary house

In conclusion, an Elegant and Contemporary House

An elegant and contemporary house combines sophistication with modern design elements, emphasizing clean lines, open spaces, and exquisite details. Also, don’t miss our article: BREAKING THE MONOTONY: 10 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR HOME APPEAR MORE ELEGANT


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