Breaking the Monotony: 10 Ways to Make Your Home Appear More Elegant

Who doesn’t want their home to be a showpiece? Unfortunately, when it comes to implementing such a vision, an inadequate budget tends to get in the way. The good news in this is that, even when on a budget, homeowners can get a high-end look. All it takes is a little creativity and planning. From adding a few pillows to installing luxury kitchen countertops, an elegant look really is possible, even on a budget. What follows are 10 ideas that won’t put your crib in Architectural Digest, but at least you will be headed in the right direction. Leo Designs Chicago Living room via Leo Designs Chicago Color Matters Without a doubt, one way to upscale a home without a lot of money is by painting. That includes both the interior and the exterior. Deciding on a color might be difficult at first, but for long term effect, certain colors can’t help but add a touch of elegance to a home. These include soft, understated hues as well as bold and dramatic colors. Elegance + Comfort Another way to add a touch of elegance is with pillows. It doesn’t matter what size, color, or shape, just a few pillows will not only add to your elegance factor but make things more comfortable for you and any guests. Leo Designs Chicago Living room via Leo Designs Chicago Opting for Unique Hardware is almost always the last thing homeowners think of when it comes to redecorating. Fortunately, not only will door pulls and other hardware items kick your home’s elegance up a notch, but it can be done on a budget. Adding Light The right lighting touches can add a lot of elegance to a home. This is in dramatic contrast with the inexpensive fixtures most contractors install in a home. Designer light fixtures can add more sparkle than almost any cheap chandelier. Watching the Details It’s all in the details. Everybody knows that, but when it comes to decorating a home, very few homeowners practice that philosophy. This is why things like crown molding can add a lot of sparkle to a home. Crown molding functions to bring the walls and a ceiling together, giving them an elegant appearance. Leo Designs Chicago Kitchen via Leo Designs Chicago The Must-Have Every home has windows. Unfortunately, if there’s one way to make a home feel incomplete and cheap, it’s having inadequate window treatments. Not only do these dress up a home, but they provide privacy as well. Stick with elegant materials such as silk, linen, and cotton. And, if curtains are not your style, try shades or blinds. Watch the Floor Wall-to-wall carpeting can be warm and soft, but it can also be very expensive, especially when you try to outfit an entire home. One option is hardwood, which can be classic and elegant at the same time. Real wood can be quite an investment, but it will repay you many times over in the long run. Adding Sitting Space Most people will say that investing in new furniture isn’t in their budget, but buying cheap furniture can cost you over time. Buying good furniture can be done within a budget and create an elegant feeling in a home. Accessorize Bringing elegance into a home doesn’t require a lot. Usually, all it takes is a few accessories. Not possible? Buy gold. Gold adds an elegant touch to wherever it is, if it’s not too much, then it becomes gaudy. Things like gold picture frames and mirrors can add the right touch without being too much. Keep It Clean There is no better way to get organized than to get rid of what you have. That’s a good saying, especially when you want to bring a touch of elegance into a home. Simply stated, declutter. You will probably find an elegant home in the results. There are many ways to bring elegance into a home, even on a budget. Be careful what you pick when it comes to picking and choosing, and the chances are good you will be surprised how easy and inexpensive it can be to end up with an elegant home even when you’re on a tight budget. Thanks to Cold Spring for consulting


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