Diamond Painting – Square vs Round Diamond

Hello, fantastic painters!! Would you know there are lots of types of diamonds are provided by PaintingsCart? Then we’re here in order to allow you to know we provide an assortment of diamonds such as square/round/special shaped diamonds to your incredible gem paintings. If you’re a newcomer to the Diamond paintings, then you could be overly excited to begin with Diamond painting. But using a query in mind what type of diamonds if I choose? Should I proceed with round square or diamonds diamonds? If so, then no worries beloved we’re here in order to aid you with this situation. We’ll be going to inform you all of the advantages and disadvantages of a Round Diamond Drill. via Amy Bartlam We give you the choice whether you want round or square stones with your new Custom Diamond Painting. But what is the real difference between both types of stones? We are going to explain it to you here. SQUARE STONES/DRILL Diamond stones of square shape have a perfect fit and all stones therefore fit together almost seamlessly. There are no spaces between the stones, which ensures a beautiful whole without uncovered parts on the canvas. Many customers indicate that square stones require a little more precision than round stones. Many customers find the end result of the square bricks more beautiful because there are almost no spaces between the bricks. via Amy Bartlam Our advice:  Choose square bricks if you don’t mind working meticulously. It is also useful if you already have a little experience with Diamond Paintings Netherland or other precision craftwork. ROUND STONES/DRILL   Round diamond stones are often used with small Diamond Paintings because the image on the canvas nicely fills the empty spaces between the stones. With round stones there are always small spaces between the stones because they cannot connect seamlessly. The big advantage of round stones is that they are easy to pick up and that you can stick them on the canvas in any direction. With this you will generally finish faster with a Diamond Painting with round stones than with square stones. Our advice:  Go for round diamond stones if you want to make your Diamond Painting without much thinking. Round stones are also highly recommended if you are going to make a Diamond Painting for the first time. via Amy Bartlam WHAT NOW? By reading this article you will be ready for the real thing! Would you like to view our offer? Then view our  Broderie Diamant. Would you rather choose your own personal painting? Then choose your Diamond Painting Deutschland Or would you rather start right away? Then order the Diamong Painting World.  Thanks to Paintings Cart for contributing


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