3 Interior Trends to Improve Your Wellbeing in 2020


Have you found yourself staring at the same four walls for what feels like the longest time? For many, the place we call home is no longer just a safe space to unwind after a day at the office; it has now transformed into the office, as we all adapt to changes following the global pandemic. Now more than ever we look for a space that offers comfort and security to help improve our wellbeing, which is now crucial for people working from home or for those who have taken up a hobby during isolation.

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It’s essential to maintain your safe space, especially during times of uncertainty, which is why we have put together this short post on ways to reduce stress as you find your home and work life merging together. The best way to maintain a calming environment is to focus on freshening up your interior, so you have a space that is open and bright, and full of life.

Read on to find out what interior trends we’re focusing on for the rest of 2020 that will be sure to enhance your home, life your mood, and allow you to stay productive, improving your overall well being. 

Declutter Your Space

First and foremost, let us start by decluttering the space. Unnecessary clutter can be distracting and more importantly, is taking up valuable real estate. It will be challenging to work in an area that is full of paperwork or things you no longer need, so, it is time to get rid. Spend a day clearing out each room will leave you with both a clear mind and space to work with. This is a great way to earn some extra cash too, donate belongings you no longer wish to keep or sell them online. You can advertise anything from furniture, to picture frames, old clothes and more, and with the likes of eBay and Depop, it’s easy to get set up with a digital store.

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By clearing out your rooms you will automatically create more space to breathe, feeling more positive and mentally prepared, – you’ll even have an area to improve your physical state too with an online yoga class or home workout. Now that you have decluttered, it is time to look at your blank canvas from a new perspective, perhaps a lick of paint is in order or an accent wall to revamp the room. Be careful not to go overboard with colours and patterns – remember, we are keeping it minimal from now on!

Highlight Your Home 

This brings us to our next trend, decoration. As well as feature walls or vibrant accessories, you can also use decorative lighting to uplift a space. To produce the perfect ambience throughout your home try using lamps and table lights instead of the blinding main lights in your rooms, even more so at night, when you are trying to relax after a long day of work.

As we enter the winter blues, where the days are shorter and dark times loom, you might find yourself lacking energy and wanting to sleep more. For daytime, when you are working, try using a SAD light to help with tiredness, low moods and lack of energy. With reduced time outdoors, our circadian rhythms can become unbalanced, leading to sleep deprivation and other health problems. Boost your wellbeing with a bright light that helps to improve energy levels.

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Another lighting trend is to be more eco-conscious when it comes to using energy. Many people are opting for smart lighting, which is not only a fantastic way to give a calming feel to a room, but it will also minimise your carbon footprint and reduce energy bills. Many modern properties come with smart devices already installed, and why so many property experts like RWinvest are embracing this trend.

Add Some Greenery

Finally, it is time to revitalise the air. Plants are one of the biggest contributors to the wellbeing of people as they have the ability to produce clean air and extract chemicals leaving you to feel stress-free and fresh in your home.

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Adding greenery to your space can be a great alternative to having a garden or outdoor space. Bring the outdoors in with some easy to keep cacti or spider plants, allowing you to improve the quality of the air that you breathe whilst at home.

We hope these steps have helped to improve your wellbeing and spruce up your home interior. After all, they say a happy home makes for a happy mind! Thanks to Lumie for consulting


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