How To Redesign Your Living Room In Traditional Style While Keeping A Modern Flair


When it comes to a home redesign, there has been a trend lately of homeowners looking to the past to sculpt their future home aesthetic. And there are plenty of sources of inspiration; from old classic films like The Godfather to old 50s & 60s photographs of Art Décor designs going viral.

But there is a downside that can sneak up on you when considering this option; the risk of redesigning a living room that looks outdated opposed to stylish.

Let’s learn how to capture that traditional look while keeping your living room looking contemporary.

What Furniture Should You Look For?

White designed living room with firework
Used with permission of Kira David Design

When going for that classic look, it can be difficult to know what kind of furniture to scout the market for.

When it comes to the wooden furniture in your living room, focus on finding darker shades of wood or varnish with a dark finish. This will complement your existing retro feel nicely while still looking relatively contemporary.

You should be on the lookout for stylish living room furniture that has characteristic features such as rounded edges, luxurious fabrics, and upholstery that has those hallmark patterned designs.

In terms of interior décor and accessories, it is a free canvas to experiment with. But do try to keep sculptures and paintings era specific. If you want to use rugs in your living room, then persian rugs are a good, solid choice for quality and sophistication.

Choosing The Right Paint

Designed basement living room space with armchairs, book shelfs and a lap
Used with permission of Leo Designs CHICAGO

This can make or break your overall aesthetic. For a sophisticated, classic look, we recommend that you go for darker shades of colours. Colours like blood red or forest greens tend to go well.

But if you aren’t ready to commit fully to darker shades of paint, then there is always grey paint as our neutral saviour. Grey Paint is a colour you will commonly see used for this style due to its overall neutrality.

If you choose to go for a lighter colour to match a brighter colour palette then a softer hue of grey for the walls is a good choice. It can contrast very well with dark greys and charcoals in your cushions and rugs.

Taking A Look At Your Radiators

Living room with couch, coffee table and shelf with decorations
Used with permission of Katie Destefano

Cast iron radiators were a common choice historically for homes up and down the nation. They were the go-to radiators for a long time.

But just like cathode televisions or a local milk run, they were soon phased out in favour of modernism. Cast iron radiators, like these other aspects of older times, stood as relics to a bygone era.

However, recent times have seen a wave of old tech and home utility styles come back into fashion thanks to hipster culture.

Instead of slapping a colour palette appropriate shade on your current radiators, consider replacing them entirely. Not only that, but customize them with unique valves to really get the contemporary-traditional hybrid feel you want.

To Sum It Up

There are so many ideas out there to inspire your living room makeover, and these are but only a few.

Happy redesigning!

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