The Unbelievable Effects of Water Damage to your Home


Every homeowner secretly fears the day of coming home from work to a flooded house. This fear is certainly valid, since the causes of water damage are undoubtedly numerous. Whether it has been caused by a broken pipe, leaky roof, faulty household appliance or a flood, the outcome remains the same.

Your home gets deteriorated in multiple ways, requiring complete restoration as soon as possible. The process of flood restoration can be either performed by yourself or by hiring professionals, such as RestoreUnow – Restoration Company services, beneficial for homeowners who lack the time or expertise to cope with the disaster.

These are the main effects caused by home flooding.

Deteriorates the structural elements of your home

Perhaps one of the most horrifying effects is damaging the flooring as well as the walls, as these elements are extremely prone to absorbing the water that remains in your house after the flooding.

Actually, walls are faster absorbents, particularly drywalls, as they take no longer than an hour to begin the process of deterioration. They start showing signs of peeling, spreading a strong smell around the place as well as demonstrating discolorations.

On the other hand, floors don’t give up as easily as walls. Their process of degradation slowly works its way, until it comes to a point of reaching irretrievable damage. The planks soak up so much water that it triggers the process of their warping, which leaves you with no alternative but to completely replace them after the flood.

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In fact, walls are easier to get repaired, unlike hardwood floors, as once they’re water damaged, the chances of being restored to their previous condition are equal to zero. These repairs and new floor installations aren’t only time-consuming, but rather costly for every homeowner’s budget.

Ruins your belongings

Apart from causing structural deterioration, water has the unbelievable power of destroying your belongings in a matter of minutes. The furniture you have bought with so much love and attention, takes as much as a few hours to disintegrate in spite of the hours you’ve spent on choosing the top-notch furnishings.

Additionally, besides furniture, some items of sentimental value, such as pictures or drawings will be destroyed even faster as well as all the documents containing valuable information. The electronic appliances aren’t excluded as well, as it takes a low quantity of water to cause malfunction. In order to avoid the risk of losing all your valuables, follow the tips on this page about the best ways of preventing water damage.

Growth of mold

Another damaging effect is the growth of mold which appears on all surfaces contaminated with water, only one day after the flooding took place. What’s more worrying is the fact that it spreads even faster than it appears, which means that before you know it, your whole house might become covered in mold.

Moreover, it not only affects the floors and walls, but literary everything that gets on its way, including your clothing, carpets, curtains etc. As much as you’ll lament your ruined home, an even worse outcome would be if the mold commences affecting your family’s health.

It’s infamous for causing breathing and allergy issues that aggravate the longer you’re exposed to it. Therefore, the wisest step would be hiring mold remedy professionals to locate its sources and get rid of this plague as soon as possible.

Health threat

Apart from mold, another threat to your family health may come from the contaminated water inside your home, which can be of three types. The first type is of sanitary origin and isn’t as harming as the other two types of grey and black water, posing real danger.

The former comes from the household appliances while the latter is utterly unsanitary, as it comes from rivers and lakes. If getting into contact with these waters, you’re advised to visit your doctor, as you’re likely to become infected with tetanus.

Wrap up

In order to preserve as much of your home as you possibly can, make sure you act quickly and reasonably.

In case you aren’t capable of dealing with the consequences on your own, don’t hesitate to call the experts! Thanks to RestoreUNow Restoration Company for consulting on this post


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