How to choose between shades and blinds for your home


Choosing the best window treatments for your home can be very challenging, especially when you have no idea about what to look out for. There are two prominent types of treatments which include shades and blinds.

So, which is the right choice amongst the two? First, you will need to have a perfect understanding of what these two are all about. Based on Select Blinds Canada, Blinds are treatments that have the crafting of hard materials and mainly occur in horizontal patterns, whereas shades are crafted from fabric and woven materials such as soft grass.

When choosing among the two, you always have to consider the kind of privacy that you need and the amount of natural light to block through the windows.

For instance, blinds have slats that can be tilted for opaqueness to block the whole light. Shades, on the other hand, need to be open or close to perform privacy and lighting tasks. These are among the many aspects you should consider. Others include:


There is a variety of options when it comes to blinds and shades. Therefore, it will be a great injustice to say that one is cheaper than the other one and vice versa. The quality of shades or blinds will determine the price.

Remember, tailoring and customization to suit personal preferences are more expensive than the ready-made options. As a homeowner, it is also prudent that you check on the cost of everything; you shouldn’t spend extravagantly on either shades or blinds.


You are looking to have a high-end impression in your home, and that means you go for something that proves elegance and style more than anything else. On this, for either blind or shade, you need something that will match not only the theme of the house but the texture of the windows and doors too. However, it is good to note that shades give you more room to design and customize as much as you need. You also have an option of a luxurious natural look when you decide to go for blinds.


You will need to check on the cleaning that saves you both money and time. For instance, cleaning blinds will only require a wet rag and little force applied. Moreover, blinds get dry instantly unless they have a semi-permanent construction.

On the other hand, shades will need thorough cleaning when they befall stains. This option consumes energy and much time. However, if the staining is too much, then you may need professional cleaning such as laundry services which is expensive in the long run, especially if you seek their services often.


It is important that you consider the safety of the children and pets which roam around the house. Most blinds have their cords exposed, which can accidentally fall on an unknowing person next to it.

If you go for this option, you should insist on hangers, hold the cords away or opt for a cordless blinds & shades. However, it is good that you also note that shades are not a threat to any form of safety as they have no cords included.


Insulation is important when you need to conserve energy, especially from the house. Blinds come a long way in helping but will not do much compared to cellular shades. The option for shades gives you fabric with air pockets that trap air, creating a barrier between the outside temperature and the inside one.


It is for your best interest to you go for an option that is easy to install and maintain at the same time. Easy installation, especially for shades, comes in handy as you can always remove the fabric for cleaning without worries. Blinds, on the other hand, are easy to install and all of them have the same procedure and pattern that you can always master. Either way, both options give you an easy and quick installation process.


Durability goes a long way in saving you the time and money looking for replacements after wear and tear. The best thing to do is to consider an option that gives you long-lasting experience in place of anything else.

On that note, the most reliable option is durable blinds. Blinds come in sturdy constructions that are not only of high-quality but resistant to any type of dent too. On the other hand, shades are prone to wear and tear since they have a fabric construction.

Choosing and having the best option between blinds and shades is now easy, thanks to the above tips. Above everything else, go for something that gives you comfort and fulfillment.

For instance, if you need to show off elegance and style, then you obviously know that you should go for blinds.

On the other hand, if you care so much about heat and energy conservation, then the shades are the way to go. Thanks to for contributing.


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