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If your house has a pool, or you own a pool, then chances are you might be in need of hiring pool services San Clemente area has. And if you are, then it is important that you should be cautious when it comes to hiring pool service companies that will be catering to your needs. It is crucial that you hire only the best so that you are not going to be wasting your money on crappy services.

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Things to Consider When Hiring Pool Services San Clemente

  • Possibility of Skipped Pool Cleaning

If your pool service provider has a lot of pools to tend to, then there is a high chance that they might be skipping your pool. This is especially true if the pool service company that you have hired is not a good one. Because they have committed to a lot of clients, they might be skipping an account just so they can make up for the lost time. This is also true when the pool service company that you hired is growing because their number of clients is increasing but they only have few employees at hand thereby making it hard for them to accommodate everyone.

Furthermore, if indeed you have encountered skipped pool cleaning, it is also important to stress to not assume that your pool service provider deliberately skipped your pool. Always give your pool service company the benefit of the doubt. But, if it seems that your weekly pool cleaning schedule may have been continuously skipped or overlooked, then you should consider investing in a pool cover reel or pool enclosure as a one-time solution for all.

You should know that pool services that are of good repute should always have tickets that they can leave on your door or any designated area. The tickets should indicate the details of the time that they were there, the chemicals that they used when they cleaned your pool, the condition of your pool and the services that they have provided.

  • Compare national against local pool service providers

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One major drawback when it comes to large national pool service companies is that they have high turnover rates. This means that a lot of these pool companies are hiring inexperienced employees and they only provide minimal training. Competent pool technicians are chemists, engineers, plumbers and know how to maintain a swimming pool heater. It should not be limited to one qualification only because there might be repairs needed upon cleaning.

If the rates of your monthly pool services are relatively when you compare it with other pool cleaning service providers, then this can mean that they are paying their employees with low rates as well. If this is the case, then it might result in unqualified employees thereby ending up with unsatisfactory services. Building a relationship is going to take time, so it is important that when you are considering to hire a pool service company, you should only consider companies that already have the experience, the professional qualifications and are also willing to do your pool servicing needs for a long period of time.

  • Overcharges for pool chemicals

It is quite bewildering to know that there are pool service companies that are charging their clients with high flat rates and at the same time charging them with additional chemicals on their monthly bills. The common practice for these pool service companies are charging their clients with one flat rate and this is already regardless of the amount of the chemicals that were used for your pool.

Although service charges may increase especially when it is related to seasonal changes or gas price changes, you should still be paying for one flat rate which is what you have agreed with the pool service company beforehand. What this means is that you should not be paying more for acid and chlorine. But when special chemicals are being used, then it is a standard procedure that your pool service company is going to charge you for this.



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