When Is the Best Time to Buy a Snow Blower?


Whether you’re a first-time or repeat buyer, the decision to buy a snow blower often comes with many questions: Do I need a snow blower? Which snow blower is right for me? How much money should I spend? Where do I buy a snow blower?

There are many very in-depth articles to consult when researching snow blowers. For example, the Ultimate Snow Blower Buying and Maintenance Guide from Cub Cadet covers a lot of ground.

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Here we’ll be focusing on a question that’s all about the timing – when should I buy a snow blower?

While it’s often in our nature to wait until we absolutely need a product like a snow blower before going out to buy it, thinking ahead and getting in front of the snow season will undoubtedly lead to a better outcome.

Whether it’s a snow blower, winter tires or a new pair of boots, the first rule of snow season is: Be prepared! As with every one of your snow necessities, it’s best to think about buying well before you’re snowed in and in desperate need.

So, when is the ideal time to buy a snow blower? Here’s a look at the most popular time periods to purchase snow blowers, and the pros and cons for each.


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  • You’ll have peace of mind and be fully prepared when the first snow hits.
  • Snow blower dealers often offer enticing pre-season sales on new models.
  • You get the pick of the litter to ensure you buy the perfect snow blower to fit your needs.


  • There’s a possibility of buying a snow blower months prior to needing to use it.
  • Despite having better choices, pre-season sales may not be as good as upcoming holiday sales.



  • The holiday season brings with it Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and Boxing Day deals.
  • You’ll get use of your snow blower sooner with the snow season in or nearing full swing.


  • You risk finding yourself snowed in without a machine to dig you out.
  • Snow blower demand is at its highest as those who waited to buy are now in need.
  • Late-season and holiday sales could be on less popular snow blowers so choices may be fewer.


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  • Snow blowers often begin to be marked down in preparation for the off-season, meaning you could find a great deal thanks to end-of-season clearance sales.
  • Demand for snow blowers is near its lowest point with spring lawn and garden season approaching.


  • There could be a lack of options as you’re left to choose from what’s been left behind by the pre-season and holiday shoppers.
  • Warranty could become a factor if you purchase a snow blower that you don’t use until the next snow season arrives.


The answer depends on what factors are most important to you.

If you want to get a good price while also giving yourself the freedom to select the snow blower that perfectly fits your needs, buying a snow blower during the pre-season months of August, September and October is the right time for you. Keep an eye out for sales by following retailer and manufacturers closely using flyers, social media, and their websites.

However, if price is the biggest factor in your decision to buy a snow blower and you’re willing to be flexible on the type of snow blower you purchase and its features, then taking advantage of off-season and post-season sales is your best bet. Thanks to cubcadet.ca for consulting on this post.


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