How Interior Designers Can Add Value to Your Renovation


We have delved into the interior design industry and have discovered that whilst we may spend hours looking on Instagram and Pinterest or on our favourite home style website for that all important spark in inspiration, it just doesn’t hit the spot the same.

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Realistically with all the research we put in we should be able to complete our decorating projects no problem, but 9 times out of 10 we all feel like there is something missing, or we feel we don’t trust our own abilities to ensure the rooms in our home complement each other perfectly.

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We’ve discovered just how interior designers can add value to your renovation, whether it’s domestic or professional. Read on to find out more.

Industry Knowledge

Providing the best industry knowledge, interior designers can really take the pressure off here, answering any questions you may have and being able to decide exactly what is best for your home and the size they’re working with. Ultimately, they will look to enhance what you have already. If your square footage isn’t large, the interior designer will work to enhance your space, making it look bigger than it is already.

Knowing all the key trends they will be able to create a beautiful space filled with aesthetic and ambience, perfect lighting and complementing tones. You will benefit from years of education and ability to execute a project successfully from start to finish, leaving you with minimum input and stress. If you’re unsure of curtain patterns and blind designs, they will have you covered start to finish.


Used with permission of Blackband Design

From a communication perspective, your interior designer will allocate contractors, put together a project plan and manage this alongside any form of communication with contractors all together. This frees up your time to go about your day-to-day life whilst being free from the stress of booking in decorators, joiners, flooring fitters and so on. Additionally, when things don’t run smoothly, they will alleviate the stress for you. Did you know? By hiring an interior designer you’ll benefit from their network of contacts for contracting, fantastic!

Beautiful Results

Used with permission of Blackband Design

An interior designer produces beautiful results in many ways. They will get to know you as their client and understand what you like and dislike and what your day to day looks like. In doing so they can reflect this in their design, creating the perfect home to complement your lifestyle. The idea is to create a space that functions incredibly well whilst boasting beautiful style and taste. Most importantly, your living space will finally feel complete. Nobody will get your interior style down to a T like an interior designer. Imagine how beautiful it feels to walk into your home and be completely satisfied by every corner of your living space? We can’t image a nicer feeling than this.

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