Sleigh beds buying guide – How to make a perfect choice!


A sleigh bed has a headboard and footboard that curves outwards and is deeply padded. The heritage of the sleigh bed frame is similar to that found on the classic St Nicholas sledge or sleigh. The headboard is generally upholstered with a chesterfield design similar to that found on classic chesterfield sofas.

Sleigh beds today can be manufactured in a variety of different materials and colours, including grey, silver, velvet and crushed velvet. If you want to learn more about sleigh beds then read on to find the best sleigh bed to buy.

Why buy a Sleigh Bed?

Bright designed bedroom with king size bed
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A sleigh bed might be an ideal choice for your room if you are looking to decorate it with a sophisticated theme in mind. The magnificent height of the sleigh bed headboard makes it a focal point to your bedroom and displays elegance at its finest.

The sleigh is a classic bed design that works well in a conventional or contemporary home. They can be purchased with a broad selection of designs & finishes, from antique and wooden sleigh beds to French-style sleigh beds and low foot sleigh beds. You can even find stylish bed frames in black. Velvet and crushed velvet sleigh beds are a popular fabric choice for adding character and glitz to your bedroom.

The footboard on the sleigh bed provides a traditional appearance while also assisting in keeping bedding in place — a feature that might be beneficial to sleepers who have trouble keeping their bedding on the bed. The addition of a footboard quickly transforms the room into a more traditional and completed space and creates a more rounded sophisticated look.

Double Sleigh beds are ideal for the main or guest bedroom. They provide all the extra space you require and fit comfortably in the majority of bedrooms. They’re also a fantastic option if you own an apartment or hotel since they give your place a luxurious feel and make guests feel that little bit more special. A sleigh bed is a strong and durable bed, making it ideal for home or contract use while still adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Which Sleigh bed is best for you?

Bedroom with double bed an nightstand whit a lamp beside the bed
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Sleigh beds with storage are both attractive and functional since they create a statement in the room while also providing additional storage space beneath the mattress. They really increase the amount of floor space available and are excellent for small bedrooms with minimal storage space. Another intriguing option for adding storage space to your home is to use a trundle bed. The most common options for sleigh bed types are listed below:

1. Upholstered Sleigh Bed  

The upholstered sleigh bed frame is made of solid wood and luxurious materials. This bed can be made in a variety of rich fabric choices and buttoned headboards to maintain the traditional look, giving it the ultimate contemporary touch to your living space. The sleigh beds are usually upholstered by hand and are some of the most popular bed frames in the UK.

2. Single Sleigh Bed

A single sleigh bed is a fantastic way to bring a classic design to your home and is suitable for a smaller bedroom. They are perfect for both children and adults alike and provide sufficient space for a good night’s sleep.

3. Storage Sleigh Beds

With a Sleigh bed, there’s no need to trade storage space for elegance. Sleigh beds with additional storage, such as drawers or gas-lift storage is very readily available. The storage space really helps to put away those unwanted items that you can’t possibly leave out on display! It’s the easiest way to buy more storage space in your bedroom.

4. Sleigh Bed with a Low Foot End 

Sleigh beds are famed for their scrolled headboard and footboard, but picking a bed with only a scrolled headboard and a lower foot end may give you the same design but with a more minimalist feel. It will bring all the needed attention to the headboard and it will reduce the length of the bed to give you more space around the bed.


Beige bedroom with king bed and long chair in front of the bed
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

After a long, tired day from work you really want to invest in a bed that is both sturdy and comfortable. You want to relax on a bed that is aesthetically beautiful and equally as nice to sleep on. Hugo & Sons have a range collection of handmade sleigh beds that you can easily customise according to your needs, so whether you want a sleigh bed in velvet, crushed velvet, grey or silver, you will find a bed that suits you! Thanks to for consulting.


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