Best types of materials for interior doors


Every home has many elements that affect its look. To make your apartment look organic, all the details must be in the same style. We are talking not only about decorative ornaments and figurines, but also about the doors between rooms. With the right design, you can add sophistication and functionality to every room.

Are your doorways made according to individual parameters? Then classic doors will not work. Contact the custom door manufacturer to find a suitable model. Don’t forget that you need to choose well the material from which your door will be made. This way, every room will be warm, and its design will change significantly.

Type 1 – natural wood

View from the hall, living room with round chandelier, chair and window with curtains
Used with permission of Colleen Duffley

Lovers of classic house design will appreciate solid wood products. The best material for interior doors prevents drafts from entering the room. Wooden base goes well with any style, you just have to choose a shade.

Such doors have many positive properties – they are:

  • very durable;
  • wear-resistant;
  • heavy (the mass will not crumble from a minor impact).

Natural wood products are expensive. But such doors will last for a very long time, so the price is reasonable. For manufacturing a solid base, walnut, maple and so on can be used – these are the materials that have won the recognition of people from all over the world.

When choosing a structure made of wood, you should think about the level of humidity in your house. If you need to complement your bathroom, choose a product with other materials added. The wooden base can swell or deform from constant exposure to moisture or changes in the microclimate in your house. It will be difficult to get rid of this damage, so you need to avoid such troubles and choose the appropriate model from the materials for internal doors presented below.

Type 2 – plywood

If you need a solid and reliable door, it is worth choosing plywood, which contains a mixture of natural wood fibers. This model can be called an analogue of the one described above. The appearance of materials used for interior doors is indistinguishable from solid wood, it is smoothly sanded and looks perfect. Excellent quality and lower cost is the best combination for home owners on a budget.

A solid core helps to provide sufficient heat and sound insulation. You can turn on music or watch movies without any worries, even when your children are sleeping in the next room – silence in the rest of the rooms is ensured.

As for the shortcomings, it is worth noting poor resistance to temperature changes. Therefore, this material is not suitable for installation in the bathroom – high humidity will lead to deformation of the base. Similar models should be installed in other rooms where the temperature is the same all the time.

Type 3 – glass and metal

Room that's used as a living room, with a dining table and sofas that can be used as beds, with a big glass doors leading to terrace
Used with permission of Lisa Furey Interiors

To make all rooms look modern, you can choose doors from several types of materials for interior doors. The combination of metal and glass inserts looks exquisite. Many models are made with wonderful and smooth transitions between parts of materials, as a result of which the interior becomes unimaginably beautiful.

To complement the decoration of one of the rooms, you can choose the appropriate glass:

  • with sandblasted pattern;
  • with mosaics;
  • with small glass inserts along the entire perimeter of the door.

Frosted glass creates a cozy and private setting for your bedroom. Such doors have a lower price compared to analogs, therefore they are very popular.

Type 4 – hollow doors

If you are looking for a low cost option, consider hollow space doors. They are very lightweight. The frame is solid wood, plywood or similar material for interior door.

So that the shape of your door is not lost, and the model does not deform from minor touches, the inner part is filled with cardboard. It is quite hard, but does not offer the same strength as natural wood.

The disadvantages of such products are that they don’t provide a sufficient level of sound insulation, and they don’t have fire resistance. But they don’t swell from the ingress of water, and they perfectly withstand a sharp change in temperature. You can install a similar model in your bathroom and not worry that the product will swell in a few years.

Type 5 – MDF

View of living room from hall
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

During the manufacturing of furniture or doors from MDF, wood is processed in a special way. This is the best interior door materials, which are characterized by low cost and high quality. Such products are resistant to changes in humidity levels, they are strong. This door will harmoniously fit into the design of your apartment.

An additional advantage is that you can repaint the surface at any time. Smooth doors are perfectly paintable. Therefore, if you need to change the design of your room and refresh its appearance, choose the right paint and start creating a new interior.

Before ordering doors, you need to find out what they are made of and study the features of this material. You can install a model made of wood or its analogues in each room. It is enough to choose the right design to enjoy the perfect look of your design for many years.

Where to buy doors for interiors?

In order not to waste your time looking for a suitable model and door material types, please contact United Porte. The site contains many examples that will look perfect regardless of the design of your premises. You can choose a quality door from a manufacturer that will last for many years.

If you are not sure that the material will withstand temperature changes, contact your company manager. You will be advised on the best product that does not deform. You will get rid of drafts in your apartment, and create the required level of sound insulation. Each room in your house will become warm and comfortable. Thanks to for consulting on this post.


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