How Can Exterior Doors in Long Island Influence The Look Of Your Home?


The main door is the first thing your guests see before they are welcomed in your humble abode. For most people, it’s very important the impression they leave on friends and neighbors, not only with the interior design but with the exterior look as well.

If you want to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look, your doors and windows have to complement your house’s overall architecture. Depending on your home’s exterior look, you can choose the materials from which the doors are made, different colors, textures, and, most importantly, the style.

Which front door material to choose from?

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Every material used has its pros and cons and plays an essential role in how people perceive and enjoy different kinds and styles of doors. Usually, several factors come into play, like durability, color, aesthetic design, security, and energy efficiency.

The most widespread materials for door production are wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass composite, and even a combination of several materials can be achieved. Click on this link to find out more.

You can never go wrong when it comes to wood. There are so many types, colors, and styles for wooden doors that can enrich your homes’ look. Timber products never cease to disappoint since they give special warmth and coziness.

Since wood comes from nature and is an organic material, it significantly impacts the global warming potential (GWP). As a matter of fact, it’s very eco-friendly and is considered to have a negative carbon footprint. Unlike other materials that release CO2 during production, wood does not produce CO2 but is consumes it (it’s regarded as a carbon sink).

It belongs to the materials with really high demand globally, primarily because of the natural look and high durability. There are hundreds of wood types on the market, among which the most popular seem to be beech, oak, fir, spruce, mahogany, pine, maple, cherry, walnut, and many more. Each type of wood has its magical touch and can satisfy your standards.

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If you land on aluminum doors, you have to know several important details. Usually, since metals are thermal conductors when used in construction, they are combined with other materials that have insulation properties. What you see on the outside is, of course, the aluminum skin and insulation core with good thermal properties is sandwiched between the aluminum sheets.

Aluminum doors are usually custom-built to satisfy various parameters like opening dimensions, colors, and different style options. Aluminum is generally protected with an enamel finish suitable for providing good resistance to different weather conditions. With good protection, they never rust, which is why the warranty for these doors usually can be up to 15 or 20 years.

The biggest advantage of having a steel door is that they provide your home with maximum security. Steel has greater strength than wood or fiberglass, but the only thing to worry about is corrosion or rusting.

Especially when living in a coastal climate like Long Island, with a significant humidity percentage in the air, the ocean climate can influence your steel door’s durability. So, special protective paints and coatings like polyester or vinyl, or anti-corrosive steel types can be used to deal with weather conditions.

Fiberglass composite is an excellent alternative to steel doors when it comes to humid and coastal climates. They are characterized by high durability, are usually maintenance-free, and can imitate the looks of wooden doors, providing similar textures. They are generally affordable and can last for decades.

What are the advantages of replacing your exterior door?

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Aesthetics can present a significant reason why you should change your front door. The best is to choose a door that will be in harmony with the architecture. If you want the subtle look and soft colors, you can opt for blue or purple, or if you prefer bright, bold colors, you can decide on red, yellow, or orange.

If you want more natural light in your foyer, you can incorporate sidelights as well. Click here to find out more about some benefits.

If you live in a neighborhood that has seen burglaries in the past, security can become an important factor. If you have an older type of exterior door in your home, you can opt for new models that offer more protection and implement new technologies. Steel and fiberglass are very strong, and they incorporate locking options which are usually better than the old wooden doors.

Nowadays, many designs are forced entry resistant, and bolt locking systems can provide extra security. Suppose you don’t own a security system like advanced monitoring cameras around your home. In that case, you can always decide to install wide-angle peepholes, which won’t influence your door’s look but can increase your home security and protect you from potential intruders.

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When it comes to maintenance, fiberglass and steel doors require almost no maintenance, except the occasional dusting or washing. Since they are already protected with oil-based paints and anti-corrosive substances for good weather resistance, generally, they don’t require much when it comes to maintenance. Wooden doors may require the occasional painting to keep them fresh since, over time, they can have a worn-out look.

Energy efficiency is another crucial parameter to consider when choosing the right door. Thermal bridging is an important phenomenon when it comes not only to doors but also to windows and walls.

Thermal bridges are places or objects characterized by high heat transfer in relation to the surrounding materials. They can reduce the energy efficiency of your home and increase your electricity bills. They are places where different objects connect, so great attention should be paid to the sealants when installing a door. Check out Long Island exterior door company for more information.

When buying windows or doors, you should always see the specification concerning energy efficiency, and there is one parameter called the “U” factor which comes into play. The lower is this factor, the better is the door with its insulating properties. Thanks to for consulting.


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