Top Tips For Organising A Working From Home Office For Small Spaces


Nobody wants to have to clear stacks of paper and clutter from their home office desk every morning. An organised workspace not only looks more inviting, but it also creates a motivating environment.

Here are our top tips for keeping your home office clutter-free so you can get on with your work.

Home office, table with PC monitor, laptop, notebook, pen, mouse pad and mouse
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Add file holders to the wall

If you’re limited to desk and floor space in your home office, fitting file holders to the wall is a great way to maximise your space. Make sure they are within easy reach of your chair and include items in the files that you use regularly.

Buy a mini computer desk

A mini computer desk is perfect for areas that have limited space. Mini computer desks can be positioned against a wall, under your shelving or in a corner so you can comfortably work from home. You can even buy a height adjustable mini desk that provides all the benefits of switching between sitting and standing.

Shelving, shelving and more shelving!

Shelves are a simple way to extend your workspace and make room for books, files and other equipment. Include a desk plant and your favourite scent diffuser to make it an area that you want to spend time in.

Put up corner shelves in tight spaces or use floating shelves that are easily accessible from your desk.

Home office shelf
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Use desk and drawer organisers

Keep different items such as sticky notes, USBs and a stapler separate so you can easily grab what you need without having to rummage through your drawers.

Buy a simple desk organiser to keep your everyday items such as pens and rulers in one place on your desk.

Fit a push pin board or magnetic memo board

A basic bulletin board is a great way to increase the storage capacity in your home office. Pin notes, reminders, important documents and even family photos to keep you organised. Pin a calendar to your board to free up desk space and mark any meetings or important dates on it.

If you don’t want to buy a memo board, you can easily make one yourself using cork board.

Home office desk with pin board
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Purchase lots of baskets

Baskets have endless amount of uses and will ensure your work area is kept tidy with office items out of sight when you’re not using them. Remember to label your baskets so you can quickly find what you need.

Give your printer a designated area

There’s lots of places that you can hide your printer to free up desk space and maintain an organised working environment. Some ideas include:

  • In a cupboard: clear out a spare cupboard and use it as a home for your printer.
  • On a shelf: shelves make your space look organised and are a great place to keep your printer and printing accessories.
  • Under your desk: if you don’t have any spare cupboards or shelves, your printer can sit out of the way under your desk.

The key to getting organised is to create a plan before you start finding new homes for your work-related items. Start to plan your new, tidy home office today. Thanks to for consulting.


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