How to Make Your Wall Art Stand Out


Wall art is common in every interior, but there are a few tricks to maximize its visual impact. Turn your décor from amateur to pro with art that will stop your guests in their tracks. Anyone can hang a print on their wall, but it takes a keen eye to optimize the artistic effect. Use these tips to get the most out of your wall art, and wow your guests with striking décor. 

Contrast Instead of Match

It may be tempting to choose a print with colors that match your interior, but a contrasting print will stand out even more. If you have a neutral-based home, take a risk with a colorful print!

For those with light-colored interiors, a dark, moody print will look striking. The same goes for dark-toned rooms; hang a pastel print against a deep colored wall. It’s all about finding elevating contrast.

Couch and coffee table with wall decoration

Perfect Your Composition

Don’t let your stunning print go to waste by ignoring composition. Choosing your piece of art is just as important as hanging it the right way. Follow tried-and-true decorating theories, and use art galleries as your inspiration.

Make sure to hang your canvas at eye level, and leave enough space on each side to avoid a space that looks cramped. Proportions are also essential. It’s always better to opt for a larger piece of art than one that looks too small on an expansive wall. This is especially true with bigger modern art pieces that really can be the focal point of rooms.

Living room with couch and wall decoration

Pair it With Wallpaper

Dare to be bold and hang your art against eye-popping wallpaper! Wall art on wallpaper is a hot trend for 2021, and it’s easy to see why. This creative combo creates dimension and visual interest. Take a similar approach to the rule of contrast, and hang a simple print on a busy background. You can also mix retro-patterned wallpaper with contemporary art. 

Black an white living room with wall decoration, dark coffee table and white couch

Add a 3-D Touch

DIY a three-dimensional piece of wall art by adding texture to your print. Add 3D flowers to a floral piece, or create your own art from scratch. You can also DIY a textured frame, or add raised painted brushstrokes. The goal is to make your wall art stand out – literally. If your wall is still looking lackluster, you can also create a collage around your art piece.

3D wall art on the wall

Consider Small Walls

When adding wall art to your interior, it may be your first instinct to hang your décor on the largest wall. However, filling smaller walls can actually make your art more prominent. Leaving small areas devoid of décor is a common mistake among amateur designers. If you have an empty hallway or cozy corner, it’s the perfect place to hang a dynamic print. 

Red floral wall decoration

Be a Daring Designer

The only way to achieve an eye-catching interior is to take risks. Make bold choices in order to give your wall art optimal power. Transform your interior by exercising contrast and composition. If you hang your prints correctly, your guests will have their jaws on the floor from the moment they enter your space. Thanks to for consulting.


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