30 Useful 3D Printing Ideas and Projects for Your Home


As we have smartphones at our home to make sure we can communicate as per convenience, we will have 3D printers at each home in future to manufacture at our convenience and necessities. 3D printers are extremely useful. They allow 3D printing of various kinds of items for various industries. If you have a 3D printer, below mentioned are 30 useful ideas for your home.

1. Smartphone Stand

Smartphone stands

Keep your phone on this stand, plug it into a charger and if you wish to, even hang it on a wall. Enjoy the luxury of talking on the phone while cooking.

2. Phone Amplifier

Phone amplifier

If that smartphone stand was not enough, here is a smartphone stand with loudspeaker. Requiring no Bluetooth for amplifying your phone’s voice, it’s battery saving. Fill your room with your phone’s voice!

3. Mini Raspberry Pi Handheld Notebook

Mini Raspberry Pi Handheld Notebook

Turn your Raspberry Pi 2, Pi 4, and 3.5 inches PiTFT Notebook into a retro mini laptop. The complete instruction video is available to help you 3D print it.

4. Raspberry Pi 7 inches Touchscreen Super Awesome Portable

Raspberry Pi 7 inches Touchscreen Super Awesome Portable

If you like a device more than having a complete notebook, the Touch Pi is what you need. For fitting your seven-inch, fourteen-element touchscreen power boost in a two-fold case use the portable touchscreen Linux computer.

5. Cable Savers

Cable Savers

Most of the charging cables, be it of the iPhone, or Android chargers, they end up frayed. The problem of fraying is very frustrating, and the new cables are expensive. This is where these cable savers save you.

6. Earbud Case

Earbud Case

To ensure that your earphones do not get tangled and destroyed, use this earbud case and keep your earphones well-managed.

7. USB cable holder

USB cable holder

If your workplace involves a lot of USB cables and you are wondering how to manage it all? This USB cable holder is just what you are searching for!

8. Desk cable holder

Desk cable holder

There are two versions of this desk cable offered. There is one with screw holes for mounting and another one with double side tape.

9. Cable Spool

Cable Spool

One of the neatest ways to keep your cables is by rolling them in spools. Extend them when you need, shorten them when you need, at your convenience.

10. AC Adapter Organizer

AC Adapter Organizer

This organizer will assist you to keep all the wall warts in one place. Make yourself able to find your favorite electronic device in their chargers.

11. Parametric Cylindrical Battery Dispenser

Parametric Cylindrical Battery Dispenser

Simple AA or AAA batteries are needed as batteries for many appliances at your place. Be ready by printing these dispensers and keep them hanged on your home’s wall for emergencies.

12. AA to C Battery Adapter

AA to C Battery Adapter

For all the big fat machines that need C batteries, but you it is fine if you have AA batteries because this adapter will let you use AA batteries in the form of C batteries.

13. BladeKey


The key to organizing is this BladeKey. It is customizable in length, breadth, as well as width.

14. Strong Flex Door Carabiner

Strong Flex Door Carabiner

For organizing thousands of things in your room, in your garage or your bathroom, these Carabiners are the best things.

15. Bag Clip

Bag Clip

These Bag Clips can be printed in four parts, the assembly of which is easy to do. Keeping longer lengths of packets in mind, they are available in 85 and 125 mm lengths.

16. Citrus Juicer

Citrus Juicer

This is one of those little things that is needed in almost every kitchen! It is also one of the simplest projects to 3D print.

17. Screw on bottle citrus juicer v2

Screw on bottle citrus juicer v2If you do not want the Citrus juicer to take some space in your kitchen, print this one. It will use the space of a bottle cap.

18. UBO – The Universal Bottle Opener

UBO – The Universal Bottle Opener

It unscrews and opens all kinds of bottles with minimal effort. One of the best things to 3D print.

19. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Let us be honest! We all want to use even the last bit of toothpaste, don’t we? This toothpaste tube squeezer would let you do so.

20. Suction Cup Mounted Soap Dish

Suction Cup Mounted Soap Dish

Don’t you wish to have a soap dish that sticks to your wall without any drilling? Here is one.

21. Combination Safe

Combination Safe

You can lock your important keys and USB drives in this five-digit combination safe and get worry-free.

22. 8-Bit Video Game Coasters

8-Bit Video Game Coasters

These 3D printed coasters are available in various shapes and sizes. You can match them according to your style.

23. Measuring Spoons

Measuring Spoons

If it is one fourth, it is not one half! However, you will only know the difference after printing these measuring spoons.

24. Tentacle Tape Dispenser

Tentacle Tape Dispenser

You cannot buy this from a store. This one is one of the coolest things you can have at your desk.

25. Ergonomic Plastic Bag Handle

Ergonomic Plastic Bag Handle

Save your hands from getting cuts by carrying plastic bags, use this plastic bag handle.

26. Self-watering plant

Self-watering plant

Watering your plants or herbs will be easy using this tool. All you have to do is fill this one up, once in a week.

27. Echo|3 Tone Whistle

Echo|3 Tone Whistle

If you wish to have some fun at your home, you can play with this loud sounding whistle. It is able to hit 129 decibels.

28. Froggy: the 3D printed ball-jointed frog doll

Froggy: the 3D printed ball-jointed frog doll

Print this expensive toy for your kid, using your 3D printer at home and make yourself the best father or mother amongst your kid’s friends.

29. Covid-19 Tool

Covid-19 ToolUsing this you can press elevator buttons, open different types of doors etc. It is multi-functional.

30. Spider-Man Ear Saver

Spider-Man Ear Saver

Putting this one at the back of your head, your mark’s straps can loop in rather than on your ears.

The Conclusion

3D Printers do not cost much. Due to recent advancements in technology, they are available for prices as low as $200, a good place to start looking for one would be Pick 3D Printer’s list of the Best Cheap 3D Printers Under the $300 mark.

The thing about 3D Printers is that you do not necessarily need to know modeling for 3D printing parts or functional prototypes. They can be downloaded from online 3D printing repositories. Best of luck for your experiments with the technology. Thanks to pick3dprinter.com for consulting.


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