8 Signs You Need Your Roof Repaired


The roof above you protects you from the elements, making it exposed to potential damage. Over time, your roof will need some repairs. Taking a damaged roof for granted will lead to more serious problems, which can be more expensive to deal with. Although no homeowner wants to deal with roof problems, knowing the signs that your roof needs repair is one way to protect your home and your family.

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Here are some signs to watch out for that tell you it’s time to call a roofing professional.

  1. Leaks. There’s a good chance that the only way for you to know that your roof has cracks is when it leaks on a rainy day. Leaks are also indicative of bent or curled shingles. Even then, whatever damage your roof has, leaks tell you that your roof already needs an emergency roof leak repair. Even small leaks can allow moisture between cracks, which can spread fast around your home. Small cracks, when not attended to, can lead to bigger ones which can weaken your roof and lead to a more expensive and more dangerous problem to solve.
  2. Visible signs of damage. The simplest way to see if your roof needs repair is to check it for visible signs of damage. However, you don’t have to do this yourself as falling from your roof can be fatal. Also, there are professional roof experts who are equipped to do this. However, if you’re properly trained and you have a reliable ladder, you can look for the following signs:
  • Missing or damaged shingles. Check if there are broken, cracked, peeling, or curling shingles.
  • Decay. You can also check for any signs of rotting and decay in your roof. You can blame fungus, mildew, and mold for destroying the outer layer of your roof, leaving it open for the natural elements.
  • Damaged flashing or chimney. If your chimney has broken or cracked bricks, it may collapse onto your roof and cause serious damage. When the material that connects your chimney to the house (flashing) gets damaged, it can allow moisture in.
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  1. Sunlight getting through. If your roof has holes that allow sunlight to get through, it’s a clear sign of roof damage. While it’s an obvious sign, it can usually get overlooked especially if the hole is in the attic or other rooms you don’t always use. It’s best to do a routine check on each room for any holes on the roof. You can do this by visiting each darkened room on a sunny day to check for any holes on the roof.
  2. Moisture. Leaks don’t immediately show because they usually start small. Tiny drops of water can get trapped in your insulation or absorbed by boxes in the attic. When you see moisture in places where it shouldn’t be, this is another sign for a roof check and repair. Peeling or blistering of paint is also a sign of moisture, so it’s best to check your walls and ceilings for such. Moisture that gets trapped can trigger the growth of mildew and molds, which can even lead to serious health problems. Mold, whether on the roof or at your basement, should be dealt with immediately or it can also lead to rotting of wooden parts of your house.
  3. Discoloring and stains. When you don’t immediately notice leaks, they lead to staining and discoloration on your walls and ceilings. While moisture goes further into your house, it can combine with dirt and dust staining or discolor the paint on your walls and ceiling. If you notice brown, gray, or yellow circular stains on the ceilings, don’t wait too long before calling a roofing expert to check your roof. These are advanced signs of water damage which should be attended to right away.
  4. Sagging ceiling. If you’ve waited too long and dismissed the leaks on your roof, it could lead to water pooling on your ceiling which results to warping and sagging. Once you notice this sign, never hesitate to call a roofing professional to have your roof and ceiling repaired. Check your attic ceiling for any of these signs.
  5. Higher energy bills. When your roof has cracks or holes, heat and air can leak through these holes. This would mean that your heating or cooling system needs more energy to maintain the temperature of your home. So, if you observe an increase in your energy bill in the last few months, then it might be time for you to check your roof.
  6. Roof is 20 years old. If you have an old roof that’s about 20 years old, then it’s high time to get it replaced as this is usually a roof’s lifespan.
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Final Thoughts

Roof damage is a serious issue that needs urgent attention. If you see the signs mentioned above, then it’s best to act on these problems sooner than later. You don’t want leaks to turn into water damage and later into molds, which can pose a health risk to everyone in the family. Thanks to acroof.com for consulting on this post.


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