Common Plumbing Problems and How To Fix Them


About 10% of Baltimore residents experience water leaks, leading to wastage of more than 90 gallons. It is vital to repair plumbing issues immediately after identifying them to prevent further disasters. Plumbing repair in Baltimore is rising as most homeowners experience different plumbing problems, from small issues to major damages.

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You may encounter a leaking faucet or a broken pipe that spoils the entire plumbing system. No matter the issue’s seriousness, it’s vital to hire a skilled plumber to repair the fault before it damages your home.

This article discusses the common plumbing issues that can affect any homeowner and ways to avoid them.

Clogged Drains

One common plumbing issue that most people experience in their houses is clogged drains. When water doesn’t flow normally and backs up in the kitchen sink or bathroom, you might have clogged drainage. After flushing your toilet and the water backs up, you might have foreign substances blocking the drainage.

Usually, clogged drains result from complete or partial blockage. Hair, small items, sanitary towels, and other foreign substances may enter through the sink or toilet bowl and cause the problem. Since these solid objects can’t pass, they remain stagnant in the pipes and make it impossible for smooth water drainage.

You can avoid clogging your drainage by ensuring only waste products that can dissolve go through the sink. Moreover, do not flush sanitary towels, diapers, or any cloth pieces down the toilet since they will cause serious damage. Also, install hair catchers on bathrooms to prevent hair from clogging the pipes over time.

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Leaking Faucets and Pipes

Numerous houses and apartments often have leaking faucets and faulty pipes. Small leaks may seem like a trivial issue, but it translates to gallons of excess water going down the drain with time. Besides the frustrating drips, you will end up paying huge water bills.

It is easy to identify a leaking faucet because you can see the leak from the pipe or valve. Alternatively, you can hear water dripping from the problem source when the house is quiet. If you don’t repair the leak early enough, it can cause major problems, such as poor air ventilation or a malfunctioned drainage system.

Leaking faucets develop when the washer seal on a tap undergoes wear and tear. It may also dislodge or become stiff, causing dripping water. After a while, the valves will also start corroding because of rust. Usually, dripping pipes happen at a particular joint because of extreme water pressure, wearing out, or other plumbing issues.

Since deterioration mainly causes leaking faucets, it may be challenging to avoid the issue. But spotting the issue earlier and repairing it is one way of dealing with the problem. Also, be on the lookout for rusty valves and white lime accumulation on the pipes.

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Low Water Pressure

Old houses usually have issues with low water pressure although it can also affect new houses. It can start gradually and become worse after a while, depending on the root cause of the issue. Low water pressure is a frustrating problem that makes it challenging to perform simple tasks, such as showering, washing, and rinsing dishes.

Some of the low pressure causes include leaking pipes, breaks from the main source, or sediments and dirt build-up in the pipes. These causes interrupt water flow, leading to severe low water pressure. Therefore, you must hire a skilled plumber to repair and increase water pressure.

To avoid low pressure in your home, you can mount a filtration system to prevent sediments from building up in the pipes. Also, habitually conduct regular plumbing maintenance to identify and repair leaks and other worn-out components.

Water Heater Problems

When you are about to take a hot shower, and suddenly, you get soaked with cold water, you immediately know that you have a water heater challenge. Some of the signs include weird noises, tarnished water, and leaking water from the heater unit. While you may opt to do the repairs by yourself, it is advisable to hire a professional plumber because of the complex unit and risks.

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Leading reasons for heater issues are leaking and inadequate water pressure or supply. Also, sediments build-up can make your heater malfunction. Therefore, maintain your heater regularly to avoid such issues. Check the entire plumbing system for inconsistencies because any fault might cause heater problems.

You might encounter numerous other plumbing problems, such as running toilets, sewer problems, and slow drainage, among other issues. Therefore, respond quickly to solve any of these problems to avoid further damage to your plumbing system, and ultimately, your home.

Hire an expert plumber who can conduct excellent plumbing repair in Baltimore and have peace of mind on all plumbing matters. Thanks to for consulting.


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