5 Ways To Stage Your House For A Sale


As spring is rapidly approaching, the housing market traditionally starts to see a significant increase, with more people looking to sell up and move on than at any other time of the year.

For many of us, selling a house is very stressful, and the very idea of inviting strangers into your home (pandemic aside) can fill you with dread at the thought of being judged for your tastes and preferences and the way your family lives. That’s why it’s a good idea to stage your house. For certified Florida state licensed home inspectors, contact Murray Home Inspection in Orlando for their professional help

used with permission from Christina Wikman Interiors

Why Stage A House?

The art of ‘staging’ a house for sale has been around for decades and is used to play a sort of psychological trick on your potential buyers, allowing them to more easily see themselves in the building and see it as their own home rather than yours.

The team at Mono real estate agents suggest that staging your house for a sale could increase the sale price by 15% and may even shorten the sale time by up to 85% too!

Here are five things you can do to stage your house so that it’s ready to welcome viewings. Viewings might be a little bit difficult with the pandemic currently, but these tips will work even for video tours of the house.

used with permission from Christina Wikman Interiors

Tidy Everything

An obvious tip, but one worth taking note of, it’s vital that you tidy everything to show the real space you have on offer.

To take this tip even further, invite a trusted friend round (or use a video calling service) and ask them for their honest opinion about any mess or clutter they can see. Sometimes you can’t see the things that have always been there. 

used with permission from Christina Wikman Interiors


Once tidying is complete, it’s time to depersonalize your home. 

This can be quite a difficult thing to do, but mentally it’s a good way for you to ‘move out’ psychologically, which will make it easier to show people the potential of the building and space rather than ‘your’ home. Get rid of stuff like photographs and ornaments. 

Use Neutral Colors

We all have our decorating loves and hates, and while your love for bright yellow and black striped walls might be something you’ll be taking to your next home, it’s probably not to everyone’s taste.

Go for neutral colors, but do add SOME color. A clinical white colour scheme will put off many renters, so add some off white shades to add just a splash of life and make the property feel more homely. 

used with permission from Christina Wikman Interiors

Add Flowers

Even if you can’t show people around in person, flowers will add a bit of life to your space. 

Don’t overdo it, only add flowers where you’d typically see them, such as on a dining table or as a small window plant. A lovely flower display can cheer up any dreary corner!

Let In The Light

Light sells! More people are looking for that connection between the inside and the outside. Ensure you open all the curtains as wide as possible and clean all of the windows.

For added light, consider swapping a few bulbs for daylight bulbs. Turn them on before your potential buyers look around your home to give the illusion of daylight seeping into even the darkest crevices.


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