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Locksmiths are professionals who are skilled in installing a wide range of products for security. Know more about their work on this page here. If you get locked out from your car or house, these people are the right professionals whom you should call.

While many people in Chicago have gotten acquainted with the local locksmith after getting locked out of their vehicles, these experts can provide various services as well. They will help you deter burglars and criminals who might break-in into your business establishment and home. Aside from this, the following are some of the services that you can expect from them.

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Key Replacement and Duplicate

One of their primary services is their ability to copy and replace lost keys. You might have moved into a new apartment or rented a new office. In these kinds of situations, you must get a duplicate of the key so that you’ll have a backup when you lost them, or someone has stolen them.

In events where you were not able to ask for duplicates beforehand, you have the option to replace the lock mechanism completely or call a qualified locksmith to make the same set for you. However, for those who think that their security has been compromised because of the lost keys, it’s essential to contact Chicago locksmiths right away and change everything. This is to ensure that no one can enter their house when they are not at home.

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Replacement of Car Keys

You may want to call first before going to a local locksmith to see if they can replace your car keys. Some of them can do the job with ease if they have the proper equipment and training. Others may refer you to a different maker for a replacement. There’s always the option of going into the car dealership to get replacements, but most of them generally charge more, and you may end up spending more than the local locksmith.

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Highly Secure Installation

Many contractors may install basic lock mechanisms in businesses and newer homes during the construction phase. However, this is not recommended as the doors can be susceptible to a break-in without a lot of resistance.

Suppose you are looking to improve the security of your business establishment or home. In that case, there are certified professionals who can install a highly secure bolt or technology-based configurations on your door to make them more durable from forced entries.

There are upgraded bolts that will make tool insertion and manipulation more difficult for burglars. Certain brands are made tamper-proof, drill-proof, and bump proof. As an added security level, many store owners are getting the best locksmiths out there to make authorized copies. Although the high-end installation is more expensive than the basic ones, you can rest assured that your entire property is safe and secure.

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Establishing Electronic Access

Many locksmiths today have caught up with the times, and they can install various security systems in your office or home. These include proximity card readers, remote systems, intercoms, and keypad entries. There are electronic locks that are programmable with fingerprints and face recognition technology. 

These electronic systems are helpful in times when the mechanical bolts needed to be changed. Electronic access is an excellent way to permit employees to enter and exit a building. They are a great way of tracing the people who have visited the site on a specific day. You can learn more about electronic access here:

Fitting of Locks in Safes

Many shops in Chicago can handle safe security. Safes are great storage for jewelry, money, documents, and all the other valuables that you have. You may want to choose an expert in them so they can redirect you to the right fire ratings and size. The best ones can withstand tampering and brute force from drills and saws, and you will never have to look anywhere else for storage.

Many locksmith companies can offer to move the safe, especially if it weighs over 500 pounds. Technicians are a call away to relocate the safe to a new bank or location. Double-check the dimensions and see if it can fit with stairwells and narrow hallways. After the transport, the technician can bolt it down to the floor and protect the safe from thieves. 

There are other services offered by locksmiths in Chicago. You can check on them and get their contact numbers in case of emergencies. Thanks to Secure Locks for consulting.


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