AC Repairing Tips to keep your Summer Cool


If you are looking for some best ac repair tips in Jacksonville, then congratulations! You have reached the right post. With the heatwave already reaching the peak, many must have already started looking for the best air conditioner repair in Jacksonville FL. In this case, trust none but Weather Engineers, for you will find the best professionals and experts in town. 

Before you contact any professionals, there are few things that you can fix yourself without any experts’ aid. Read on to know more.

Helpful A/C Tips to do it Yourself

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The following are a few common ac repair Jacksonville FL problems that can be fixed right by the inmates. They are as follows.

1. A/C won’t turn on after a storm

There are times when your ac refuses to start after it has been restored. In this situation try,

  • Switching off the thermostats. 
  • Then try resetting the circuit breaker. It must have mostly tripped off because of overload.
  • Then play the patience game by waiting for at least 30 minutes. The ac till then will get enough time to reset all its internal circuit breaker. But one must be sure that the thermostat is switched off during this process.
  • Once after waiting for 30 minutes, turn on the thermostats and switch it to cool. This way, your ac will start working fine and back to its normal condition.

2. Not Enough Cooling

This is the most common issue. The best tip recommended by the Jacksonville FL ac service experts is to clean the air filter on a regular basis. The reason for not enough cooling is the clogging of dust and debris in the air filters. When the air filter is clogged, its efficiency reduces and directly affects the cooling making your interior feel less cool. 

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3. Part of the House is always Hot

If one part of your house is warmer when compared to other parts, then it is mostly because of windows or any other thing that lets the sunshine or warm air in. This place in your house makes your ac work really hard to keep it cool during the peak sun hours. One can try closing the windows with curtains and blinds and plant more shrubs and trees outside. This way, there will be less entry of sunshine inside the room and will also make your room cool. The area where the sun directly hits its light, try to block it off with shades or trees so that it does not make that part of the house hot or less cooling efficient. 

4. High Electricity Bills

Most of the time, consumers complain of high electricity bills even when there is less cooling or usage. The experts of ac service Jacksonville FL states that the problem may not lie mostly with the air conditioner system. It can also be a cause of air leakage escaping through doors and windows. This makes the ac to run to its desired cooling settings making the numbers in the bill rise. Also, there may be low insulation in your attic or walls to keep the hot air at bay. The best way to get maximum cooling is to seal the gaps with weather stripping or gaps and also make sure to check the insulation levels regularly. 

5. Thermostat number isn’t changing

When you find your thermostat number isn’t changing, then check out the battery first. But even after changing the battery, it shows the same response, then try replacing the thermostat with a new one. Today thermostats are advanced and programmable. They also aid on lower energy bills and at the same time help in keeping your house cool and inmates stress-free.

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6. Air conditioner running but fan stops running

When you are faced with this kind of problem, the most common reason is the dead capacitor. The capacitors are the cylinder-shaped and small components in the ac that play a major role in sending energy signals to the ac unit and also the fan. When your ac capacitor is dead, most of the ac units will not function properly. The only option in this situation is the replacement. The capacitors go bad during the course of time and need maintenance care and replacements when needed.

After trying all the above tips, if your ac still gives you troubles, then it is time to call the ac repair professionals. Make sure to call only the knowledgeable and licensed professionals because you sure do not want repeated repairing works and end up spending more than the required amount. An experienced and reputed professional will inspect the whole ac system and will do the repairing work accordingly. So before thinking to save some dollars, act smart, and choose wisely. Thanks to Weather Engineers for collaborating!


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