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Dogs are loyal, playful, pets that become part of our extended family – they aren’t called “man’s best friend” for nothing. We do our best to ensure they live a long and happy life, growing old together side by side. There are many ways to take good care of your dog such as feeding them healthy food, looking after their diet and taking them for regular exercise. But there are other things you can do to ensure your pet gets the most from life. 

  1. Dental Care
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Many of us often forget to take care of our canine’s teeth, it is just something that slips our mind because it isn’t a top priority when it comes to daily tasks. If you want to take good care of your hound, you should make sure they get quality dental care. If you don’t brush their teeth, they will eventually decay and cause your dog a lot of pain. Bad breath and ugly looking teeth are only the beginning, if you neglect their teeth, they could end up with some serious problems such as:

  • Tooth abscess
  • Tooth loss
  • Heart problems
  • Kidney issues

There are strategies you can try to get your pet used to getting their teeth cleaned. In addition, you can also bring them to the vet for check-ups. 

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2. Pet Insurance 

You’d be surprised at how many pet owners don’t have pet insurance, they either forget that it exists, or they believe it is too expensive for them. The reality is, pet insurance is important. You don’t have to take out a comprehensive policy if you don’t have the budget, you can go for basic cover which can guarantee up to 80% reimbursement rates. 

Accidents, illnesses and injuries can come out of nowhere, one day your dog is fine, the next you’re facing a lengthy treatment plan that will cost you a substantial amount of money if you’ve no pet insurance policy. To ensure your pet is well taken care of, you should consider taking out a policy. You won’t have to worry about expensive treatments or medicine, they’ll have access to the best possible medical care to make certain they’ve every chance of recovering. 

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3. Learn Pet First Aid

Yes, you can learn first aid to take care of an animal. There are plenty of associations who offer pet first aid courses, they cover a wide range of problems from addressing burns to dealing with animals that are choking. Knowing first aid could save your pet’s life, if you act quickly, you could really help an animal who is in distress. Your local vet should be able to help you find a first aid training centre. 

Out of the three points mentioned above, pet insurance is arguably the most important. If you take out a policy when your pet is young, you’ll easily get an affordable premium. If something goes wrong in the future, you have peace of mind knowing that the health insurance policy will take care of your pet. They’ll get the right treatment from the most capable of professionals. Thanks to PetInsuranceAustralia.com for collaborating.


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