Cozy up your 3 most lived-in rooms.

Consider your living room. It serves two functions: it is a place to relax and entertain guests. It is casual and relaxing, but not too personal or intimate. Whether you wish to go modern, eclectic, or chic depends upon you and the company you keep. Even an antique design can meet modern standards if you choose the right furniture with the right colors. In cases where you may have to economize, the site offers you tips on how to maximize your living space on a tighter budget. Simple tips, from ways to mount your flatscreen TV to hanging paintings, can steer you on the path to Feng Shui-style entertaining. Floating bookcases can be custom-built in a way that they can be stacked on top of each other right above a fireplace or a small cabinet. Notice that even the most effective custom trade show booths are styled in a way to beckon people in with an inviting, well-decorated space.
via M+M Design Consultants
Your kitchen is another area where you can entertain yourself, your family, and your guests at any time. Commonly dubbed the heart of the home, it is an epicenter where you can cook, clean, wine, and dine. Most people typically set up a dining table and chairs where they can relax and enjoy meals together, and even share a cup of coffee. Like the living room, your kitchen can be small or spacious, depending on your lifestyle and social needs. If you enjoy serving fine wines and champagnes, perhaps the installation of a “bar” with stools and a small table would be best, especially around holidays and other special occasions. The single, most intimate area of your home happens to be your bedroom. It is a place to unwind, to relax, and to meditate into sleep. Some may choose to mount a television to enjoy music, YouTube, or NetFlix. When decorating your sleeping quarters, take into consideration the following: What helps you to de-stress and decompress from your day? The layout and coloring of your bedroom need to spell r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n. Personal choices involving the colors that soothe rather than stress typically involve off-whites, light blues, pinks and lavenders. Those who wish to opt for a most soothing and uplifting experience should consider decorating in off-white and aqua-blue color mixtures, as together they can provide the balance needed to help you unwind in the evening and give you that extra boost of quiet, morning sunrise needed to start your day.


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