How to welcome Spring into your home a little early this year!


Spring cannot get here soon enough!  Yesterday here in Maryland was a tease, with sunny skies and almost 50 degrees.  Today?  In the 30’s with wet, sloppy snow.  All the weather flip-flopping is not good for one’s mood or health!
So, I ‘ve decided to come up with a game plan to bring Spring to me, in my own home.  Next week I am going to start implementing touches of warmth, sunshine, and new growth through small changes in décor.  And, if you have the budget – you can go big – through furnishings, etc.
In my own personal experience, the change that makes a biggest impact on my space are the window treatments.  This may simply be because I tend to look toward light sources, which are often windows.  You may be more drawn to looking at the floor, foreground, or anything with in your eye level.  Next time you walk into a room, notice where your eyes go first.  Once you pinpoint that point of focus, start by making updates in that area for the most bang for your buck.  Then, if you want, spread out!
Simply swapping out heavy dark drapes, which may be appropriate for winter, with airy, white window treatments will lighten up the entire room and allow more light to enter the room.

Window treatments need not cost a leg and an arm,  treatments like roller blinds are not only affordable but are also being offered in chic and modern designs by manufacturers like Web-Blinds.

If your focus tends to be on the floor, than consider adding a colorful rug, or a rug in a lighter weave, or one with a beautiful pattern.

Get in on the chevron insurgence, but keep it unique with this pear-hued rug.
So many beautiful rugs – so little time!
If new window treatments or a carpet is not in the budget right now.  You’d be surprised at the amount of life that a grouping of new throw pillows can breathe into a room!

All these pretty rugs and pillows are available at Joss & Main (You have to create a login to shop, but it’s free and fast) .

Do you have any plans to lighten and brighten your space before Spring or when Spring arrives?

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