Sweet, serene spaces


From time to time I get so frazzled and caught up in my life, the daily to-dos, projects I’m working on, etc., all the while feeling like I am accomplishing nothing, that I wonder if I am living up to my full potential (no), doing anything meaningful with my life, or making a difference in the world… which I think is ultimately what makes us a lot of us feel fulfilled.  I have no doubt that many of you feel the same from time to time.

During these moments I always find myself with the urge to pare down when it comes to my surroundings, and try to create a space that is a little more serene, sparse, and minimal.  I always end up searching my design sources for “zen interiors,” “spiritual interiors,” “quaker interiors,” etc…

Here’s what my most recent search turned up:

Actress Keri Russell’s living room is so beautiful and relaxing!

A perfectly organized space always leaves me feeling zen

So peaceful.  Looks so much like the farm where I grew up, I can almost hear the red-winged black birds.

What do you do when you need some zen?

1.,2.  via Soulbird 3. via HomeEdit  4. Jon Jensen via Black & Eiffel 5. via Feed my Sole 6. Jon Jensen


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