How to Make Your Home Feel Cozy This Winter


When cold weather arrives and the nights get longer, it’s the perfect time to change up your home to be more inviting and cozy. Most likely, you are spending more time indoors, and winter can be a challenging time — seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a real thing that can affect us all. With our suggestions below, you can easily make your home feel cozy without breaking the bank. 


Upgrade Linens

This may seem like a no-brainer; of course, you want to bring out the thicker blankets when the weather changes. But have you thought about upgrading your linens to natural fibers like bamboo, cotton flannel, or fleece for extra comfort and warmth? These will not only feel better on your skin but are also less likely to get damp with the increased humidity in the air. You can change out the duvet cover for something more festive to lift your spirits.

Decorate the Table

The holiday season is a perfect time to go all out with the decorations in your home. This will put everyone in a festive mood but also make your home feel warm and cozy. Maybe you have a favorite runner for the table that is in a rich red velvet fabric, can decorate with an Advent wreath, or get a traditional Christmas pyramid or candle arch to bring light to the room. The last two items are handmade in Erzgebirge, Germany, and come with a wealth of history and tradition. A candle arch or Christmas pyramid leads us to our next tip.

Change the Lighting

Creating softer lighting as the nights get longer and colder is a great way to feel cozy during the winter months. Banish harsh overhead lighting and opt for globe floor lamps with metallic hues or paper lanterns, which set a snuggly vibe perfect for hot chocolate and Netflix. If you can’t invest in new lighting, how about adding some twinkle lights above your sofa? That’s an affordable way to make things cozier. Or change some light bulbs to soft white and warm white or get bulbs with multiple settings or dimmers. Scented candles are also a great way to set the mood, but do take care not to place them near curtains.   

Start Baking

Pumpkin pie on the wooden table

There’s nothing that screams wintertime than a freshly baked pie. Do you prefer sweet or savory? Winter is the perfect time to break out your baking skills and try some new recipes. If you are keeping a close watch on your waistline, consider gifting baked treats to your neighbors and loved ones. You could even make gift baskets with homemade desserts, jam, wine, and other munchies people love.  

Get Some Plants

It’s a well-known fact that plants not only clean the air but also boost your mood. Having greenery and flowers around during the winter will definitely lift your spirits. Many varieties are easy to care for and “unkillable” if you don’t have a green thumb. Spider and snake plants, succulents, and cacti are great choices for novice plant owners. Or maybe you want to take things to the next level and invest in a bonsai tree — caring for one is a meditative hobby. But if all this sounds daunting or you travel too much, consider faux plants. We won’t tell anyone.   

Christmas plant decoration against the white background
Photo by Joe Cavazos on Unsplash

Hopefully, these ideas on how to make your home cozy this winter will lift your spirits and make the colder months a little more bearable. 

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