Reasons Why Sicily Is the Ultimate Luxury Destination of the Moment


As the big cities of Italy like Rome, Florence and Venice have been the most tourist-attractive sites, Sicily has been doing magic on the low. It has been perfecting its wine, olives, superfood and building the best villas you can ever find. According to recent statistics, the island has become one of the best tourist destinations around Italy. The island has the best and cleanest coastline, rich culture, and historic towns. If you are thinking about your next travel destination, here are several reasons why Sicily will make the perfect destination at the moment.

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The Luxury Villas

If you think you have been to the best villas and resorts, then you have not been to Sicily. This island hosts the best affordable villas for your comfort. On the south coast, you will have white sand beaches, luxurious accommodation, and a spa. The major reason why many tourists choose this destination is because of its high-quality villas equipped with everything you need for your comfort. Furthermore, most of these villas are located in the charming typical Mediterranean landscape. Make sure you choose the leading holiday home rental agency Select Sicily villas for the luxury you can afford. Furthermore, if you are ready to be spoiled you can live the “Dolce Vita”, between art, food, view, leisure, beaches, outdoor activities.

The Delicacies

The location and history of Sicily have a big influence on their dishes. This island has a unique style of delicacies. Get into one of its best restaurants and enjoy tasty pasta served with different ingredients. If you are a seafood lover, your day is made with the most delicious seafood offered more than 500 miles on the coastline. Enjoy other foods like Pasta alla Norma, arancini, and caponata. For desserts, go for the well-known cannoli granite and Frutta Martorana, the Sicilian’s specialty.

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Luxurious Beaches

Your holiday will not be complete without getting into the salty water once, and Sicily has your back. If you want to visit the finest beaches in the world, then you must book your next flight ticket to Sicily. Get around Marsala and Trapani for the sandy beaches on the west coast. If you are an adventurous person, the Cavagrande del Cassibile reserve has the best canyon and trails you can enjoy.

The Wine

Italy is best known for its best wine, and you can never complete the name without mentioning Sicily. Remember, the largest part of the Mediterranean islands is the origin of marsala, a famous wine in Sicily and the whole of Italy. Some of the best varieties you will enjoy include Nero d’Avola and Zibibbo. The best blends of the wine originate from the slopes of Mount Etna. So, while at it, make sure you visit the vineyards.

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Traditions and Rich Culture

Sicily offers a home of cultures from all over the world. With so many people coming here, cultural blending has changed things. The beautiful art and ancient structures, horse-drawn carts, flowers, portraying religious scenes, museums, and festivals are all Sicily put together. Choose any time to visit Sicily to experience the authentic nature.


Sicily’s landscape, architecture, archeological sites, and food are the amazing reasons why you should visit Sicily this year. Pick the right date and get ready to have a lifetime experience.

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