How Do Residential Contractors in Oregon Benefit from CCB Classes?


The full form of CCB is the construction contractors board they offer continuing education to Oregon’s students. These classes Include CCB classes of three hours for students who wish to continue as residential contractors every two years. Their licenses expire every second year and need to be renewed. 

The best part about these classes is that these classes are free, and students do not have to pay any fees. Considering the effects of the pandemic and adhering to the social distancing norms, they have stopped their offline classes for the time being and are emphasizing online classes as a part of the webinar’s schedule. 

In this article, we are going to talk in detail about these classes and how do residential contractors benefit from these classes.  

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Benefits of CCB Classes in Oregon

  • The CCB classes are mainly for residential contractors who wish to renew their license in Oregon every two years.
  • Students who enroll in these classes get an opportunity to learn about occupational safety in Oregon along with health administration, which is generally termed as OSHA. They team up with the department of consumer and business services, which is commonly known as DCBS. The topics taught to students in these classes include best insurance practices, Safety measures taken in the workplace against COVID 19, and teaching students they can comply with the CCB guidelines. The speakers’ effort is to always provide the contractors with the latest information that would be of any use to them; therefore, these topics that are taught in the class are subject to changes.
  • The students enrolled in these classes go through presentations from the department of environmental quality and CCB. Topics that students go through include regulations related to asbestos, in compliance with CCB. These topics are also subject to changes.

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Courses Offered In CCB Classes

  • There is a five-hour package that includes courses in digital marketing and project management. Students may include 3 hours of CE on regulations related to CCB.
  • The CCB business practices for contractors are a 13 hours course. It includes topics like marketing, project management techniques, bidding and also teaches students about the OSHO safety standards on the job. People who wish to establish themselves as contractors in the state of Oregon should enroll in this course.
  • The 3-hour kitchen cum bathroom course is a CE course that is essential if students wish to analyze the bathroom and kitchen builds’ importance. It also includes resale values depending on remodeling.
  • There is also a 2 hour CE course that is specially designed to fulfill 2 credit hours. This course equips business owners along with contractors to analyze and weigh the different aspects of your upcoming jobs.
  • The micro houses are a two-hour course that is intended to fulfill the CE requirements for contractors in Oregon who have a valid license. The course includes related regulations required by contractors, techniques of construction, and client relations required in the growing construction industry.
  • Students are also separately taught about the basic practices related to painting in a 2-hour course. These painting practices enhance the creative skills of the contractors.
  • There is a course that dedicatedly teaches students about drywall construction. The basics are taught in the CCB classes in a 1-hour session.
  • The Oregon Residential Specialty code is taught in an eight-hour course to residential contractors. This course is named the building code course. Here, students gather knowledge about how Oregon’s state handles complicated issues related to the construction of townhouses, fire resistance, pools, hot tubes, etc.

Similarly, level 2 contractors need to go through a 23-hour package CE course that includes all the important information that is required to increase the knowledge base of contractors, helping them rise above average residential contractors.

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To conclude, it can be said that students who are looking forward to renewing or apply for a CCB license in the state of Oregon need not worry about the procedures. 

There is no need to renew the license every year because the license is valid for two years at a stretch and needs to be renewed only at the end of two years. Students who are looking forward to renewing their license are advised to renew their license approximately six weeks before expiration. Students receive the renewal notice via email that is sent from CCB. 

To make sure students do not miss out on any important updates coming from CCB, they need to keep their contact information updated. Students who wish become contractors need to mandatorily apply for a residential contractor license through CCB and make sure it’s up to date. Thanks to for consulting.


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