A great candle for warmer weather


I was so excited to receive a Jo Malone “Vanilla & Anise” candle last week, which is part of a new fragrance line including cologne, bath oil, body creme, and a home candle. When I first opened the candle, the scent was a little strong, but I soon realized it was only because it was just opened. Now the candle is perfect for freshening up the room, and I’ve found it especially great for cleaning up bad odors. Example? This weekend a friend was working on his car in the garage and the engine flooded – EVERYTHING smelled like gasoline, even my freshly washed clothes. I kid you not though – the candle really helped alleviate the overpowering smell of gasoline.

The Vanilla & Anise scent is surprisingly complex, but I’d summarize it as a “woodsy sweet” scent. The release reads “the fragrance inspired by the floral landscape of Madagascar, capturing the fleeting moment that the rare vanilla orchid blossoms….blends notes of bergamot, neroli and star anise to create a touch of spice sparkling above transparent layers of delicate vanilla orchid and frangipani. The warmth of vetiver, white amber, and the subtlest hint of clove complete this unexpected, modern story of vanilla.”

Now these are a lot of elements I’ve never heard of, but I can definitely notice different “layer” of scent based on how far or close I am to the candle. It really is lovely.

An added bonus? The packaging is gorgeous! It comes to you in a lovely box way too nice to toss bound in a smart black ribbon. The Vanilla & Anise collection is available this month at Jo Malone shops, jomalone.com, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.


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