2 VERY chic apartments, 2 sisters


This post will be in two parts, one today and one tomorrow. I have to give these two sisters credit for both being so talented. Both of their spaces are beautiful, while showing off each sister’s identity.

The two worked together to decorate and renovate each other’s apartments. Antonia moved in first, so they worked on her place first. Both apartments needed completely renovated bathrooms. Both kitchens were also gutted as they were poorly laid out, and did not utilize space to the max. As you can see, and will see more tomorrow, both sisters are great navigators of flea markets, and you’ll see there tips below.

I really want a tiny set of library steps like these – does anyone know if/what there formal name is?

click the image below for a larger version of the Thompson sister’s tips for navigating flea markets.

Come back tomorrow for Victoria’s apartment.

via Lonny


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