Why is there a yellow mushroom growing in my houseplant?


Many people get worried when they see the yellowish mushrooms growing in their house plants. To clear the air we contacted the experts at mushrooms online, and they told us that yellow mushroom is a completely harmless fungus. They also mentioned that in most cases yellow mushroom plays a crucial role for plant’s growth, which is pretty surprising.

 Many people even try to search for such mushrooms to put in their favorite plant pots as it increases the life span of the plant.

If you are unable to find these mushrooms at a shop, as many vendors think that there will be little clientele for them, then you can have these mushrooms online too. However, it is naturally occurring then consider your plants blessed.

In this article we will discuss why these yellow mushrooms in the flower pot are important for your plants, and why is it growing naturally.

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Why is there a yellow mushroom in the plant pots?

Fungus is one of the most common micro-organisms, and mushroom is a plant mushroom that can grow anywhere in a plant pot or your garden. However, the yellow mushroom which often grows in the summers is pretty common in some cases. It is known as the flower pot parasol.

The reason why it grows is pretty obvious, where there is exposed sugar and carbohydrates, there will be fungi. The yellow mushroom fungi grow to decompose the fertilizers, and other nutrients in a plant pot.

The following reasons can be considered as a potential cause for the yellow mushrooms in your plant pot.

  • The soil you used is contaminated.
  • The mushroom spores were carried in by air.
  • There were already spores on the plant when you bought it.
  • The soil is very rich.
  • The pot is pretty wet, and therefore the fungi grow in these pots pretty easily.

Should I worry after seeing the yellow fungus?

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The first thing to do before you worry about the yellow fungus is to identify it. To find out if it is actually the yellow fungus then you must check its location of growth. If it is growing alongside the plant then it is actually the yellow fungus; otherwise, it can be something else.

Now coming towards the worrying part. One should not worry at all if he sees the yellow fungus growing in his flower pot. Now you might be wondering why should not we worry upon seeing something unwanted in our plant pot?

You must bear in mind that this mushroom will not harm your plant or impede its growth. You can let it grow, however, if it looks creepy then you must take out the plant, and change the soil of the plant.

When to remove the yellow fungus?

In some cases, the yellow mushroom makes a symbiotic relationship with the mold. It is an alarming and risky situation. One should immediately remove the yellow fungus from the pot; otherwise, it will damage your room or the place where you have put that pot.

How to remove the yellow mushroom from the plant pot?

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Removing fungus from your home is pretty difficult because fungus spores will not go away easily. As you cannot see them properly. You can follow these methods to remove the yellow fungus from the plant pot.

  • You must get rid of the pot as soon as possible. You must throw it.
  • If you do not want to throw the pot, maybe it is a gift or precious to you, then you must change the soil. Take out the soil and the plant, throw away the soil, then clean the plant and the pot. Now place the plant again in the pot with some new soil.
  • If you do not want to involve in any activity, then simply pluck out the grown mushrooms.
  • Fungicides are also a solution. However, using them will be very irritating as you will have to tolerate their smell and irritating chemicals too. In some cases, the fungicides can also kill the good and necessary microorganisms in the plant pot, thus affecting the growth of your plant.
  • The last resort is changing the conditions of the plant. as in many cases, the humidity and temperature is supporting the growth of the unwanted yellow mushroom, thus you can try changing the environment

Thanks to mushrooms.online for consulting.


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