Choosing the perfect mattress: Sleeping position, Body Type, Pain and Mattress type, and Sizes


Buying a mattress is often quite a  task. Because there are various factors that you have to take into account before purchasing the bed. You have to identify your sleepers and what their sleeping preferences are. Then, you have to settle down to the size of the mattress. After figuring out all these things, you then have to find out what the mattress would be made of or the material used to make the mattress. Then you need to decide the budget that you would allocate to buying the mattress.

Essential Points to simplify  your mattress type

In this guide, we related to mattress choice. We would try and touch all those pints and still give you a basic idea of how you can choose your perfect mattress. Here are some of those points that would help you choose your mattress.

  1. Mattress size and dimensions
  2. Type of mattress
  3. Types of sleepers
  1. Warranty and trial
  2. Pain to Adress
  3. Mattress Size and Dimensions:-There are many mattress sizes available in the market, and you need to choose your mattress size depending on the size of your bedroom and the number of people who would be occupying your mattress.


Dimensions (In)

Dimensions (Cm)




Twin XL



Full Mattress


137.16 x190.5×27.94


60”x 80”x11”

152.4 x 203.2×27.94


76”x 80”x11”


Cal king

72 “x 84 “x11”



While speaking of different mattress sizes, we could also inform you that Wyoming, Texas, and Alaskan King size beds are oversized mattresses that are the best beds for larger families who love to share beds. Alaskan beds measure nine by nine feet or ( 108″x108″). Wyoming mattresses, on the other hand, are 84 inches wide and 84 inches long. Texas mattress, on the other hand, measures 80 inches wide by 98 inches long.

  1. Type of mattress:-After identifying the sizes and dimensions of different mattresses, it’s now time to remember the materials that the mattress are made of

Ø   Memory foam:-Memory foam is used to make a memory foam mattress. It is known basically for its slow response to pressure and deep contouring hug, allowing an immense amount of pressure relief at sensitive spots like the shoulders, hips, and lower back. But one of its significant drawbacks is that its dense material tends to trap and absorb heat, making it very warm for its sleepers, thus making them uncomfortable while sleeping.

Ø  Latex:-Latex is an all-natural material that has a quick response to pressure being bouncy and lively. It is very appealing to eco-friendly users in search of an all-natural mattress. Adding to it, the natural rubber acts as a natural coolant making it attractive to hot sleepers. Latex mattress natural bounce simplifies mobility making it easy for couples to move around.

Ø  Innerspring mattress:-Innerspring mattresses have spring-pocked coils with a layer of support coils, thus one of the benefits of pocket coil mattresses is that they are extra bouncy, supportive, and firm. These are old school mattress that uses waves for support and contour. They are not advisable for people with back pain, hip or shoulder pain, etc.

Ø Hybrid:-Hybrid is the most unique and modern form of mattress that combines the top layer of foam with coil or spring for a one-two punch of pressure relief and support. They are different from innerspring models as they have a more balanced feel. The hybrid mattress is recommended for back sleepers as it gives them the necessary support for bounce and mobility.

Apart from all these mattress types, different mattress sizes influence your choice in the market. We have already discussed Texas and Wyoming mattress types. Still, among all these, the biggest mattress size is the Alaskan mattress size, a square-shaped mattress 24 inches longer than a California king-size bed dimensions. It is an ideal mattress for families with two kids who love to share beds with their parents. Alaskan mattresses are 108″ in length and width.

  1. Sleeper type:- There are various sleepers, and each has its own sleeping needs; therefore, let’s understand these different sleeper types and their needs

Ø  Back sleepers:-Back sleepers need the best mattress that is not too firm, or they would face unnecessary tension at the shoulders and lower backs, and too soft their hips would sink out of alignment along with their shoulders. They would need a hybrid mattress with a firmness scale between 5.5-7/10, with 1 being the softest mattress and 10 being the firmest.

Ø Side sleepers:-Unlike back sleepers, side sleepers need deep pressure stimulation relief at the shoulders and hips. Meaning that they would need a softer mattress that contours to the body’s curves to prevent uncomfortable jamming at night. On a firmness scale, it would require 4-6/10. The best mattress to address their issue would be a memory foam mattress.

Ø  Stomach sleepers:-Stomach sleepers are in contrast to side sleepers and need an ultra-firm mattress that basically lifts the hips in line with the shoulders. A firmness scale of 7-9/10 and an innerspring or hybrid mattress would be their kind of mattress.

Ø Combo sleepers:-Combo sleepers combine all the three above categories; they need a mattress that can provide very much comfort across the back, side, and stomach. A  Latex hybrid mattress would be their ideal mattress for combo sleepers.

  1. Warranty and trial:-Warranty is an important marker that your mattress is good quality and would not sag or break down after a definite period. Various brands offer different warranty periods; therefore, you must research how much warranty the same mattress of other brands give it.

On the other hand, the trial helps you ensure that you have the precisely right mattress that you need, and it fulfills all your requirements. Many brands offer trail ranging from 100-300 days. Even if you are too sure that this is the mattress, you need to trial it for a few days and analyze your result.

  1. PainWhenever we sleep on our beds, we pressure our back muscles. This causes the strengths of our back to the contract, which results in a reduction in blood circulation. When blood circulation is reduced, it can result in inflammation, leading to back problems and pain.   One of the common causes of back problems and pain is placing heavy and unnatural weight on the mattress. When we sleep on our beds, we are constantly lifting our hips, and therefore the weight is put on the back muscles and the legs and pelvis. Mattresses do not provide comfort during sleep so that one can experience muscle pain and back problems. We can try out changing the mattress we sleep on or even buy a new one. If the pain persists after considering these factors, it would be best to consult a doctor.

Besides all these, some other significant points that affect your mattress choice are

Ø  Budget:-After answering all the questions, the most central question remains: How much money would you shell out for your desired mattress? It all depends on what you are getting. In return, a quality mattress with the option of trial and warranty will cost you more. Therefore, finalize the mattress type you need, compare the offers provided by the dealers, and always look for special festivities discounts.

Ø Body Type:-Different body types also influence the mattress choice. So even though we often see the influence of height and weight in our everyday lives, the body’s internal structures also play an essential role in our sleep comfort. This is why choosing a good mattress can be such a tricky business for people. Not all mattresses are created equal. Knowing yourself can help you choose the best mattress for yourself, as each person has their preferences. Your ‘typical’ body type is defined as the type of person who has enough gravity on their spine so that their neck is basically not curved. The most popular body types for this type of mattress are the Standard, Tension, and Memory Foam mattresses. The most comfortable mattress type for this type of spine is Memory foam because it conforms to the natural curve of your spine. This basically makes it far more comfortable than the other two types, and it has the unique feature of being able to support your joints without causing any pressure on your spine.

Of course, the firmness of a mattress is directly related to how well it supports your body. If a mattress doesn’t feel comfortable while you sleep, it will not give you the support you need. But, most people don’t realize that the firmness of a mattress affects the quality of sleep that it can provide.

The best option for sleeping positions is the combination sleepers. A combination sleeper has the healthiest spine alignment possible so that you enjoy the most benefit from your sleep. And, since it’s a combination sleeper, it provides more than just support. It also includes firmness, comfort, and overall quality.


The above article would give you a precise guide on choosing your perfect mattress depending on various existing physical factors. After analyzing all these points, you need to identify the ideal mattress for yourself after conducting your research on the topic concluding with the perfect bed of your choice. Thanks to Dreamcloud Sleep for consulting.


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