Decorate Your Garden in a Way the Kids Will Love


If you’re someone who loves to keep your garden looking its best, then you’re probably always in search of a new challenge. This blog is filled with all kinds of kid-friendly ideas for your outdoor living space, allowing you to transform your garden into a place the whole family can enjoy. Don’t forget, before you get started on any DIY project, you need to make sure your tools are up to the job. Get any parts to fix your Huskee power equipment and extension cords ahead of time so you’re not caught out on the day.

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Nearly every child loves to have adventures in their back garden, making a treehouse the perfect addition to playtime. If you don’t have a good tree for the job, try building a den or small cabin for the little ones to enjoy. Whether you decide to buy a structure and then decorate it or build the house from scratch, it’s sure to be something that your family will treasure for years to come.

Gnomes and animal statues

Turn your garden into a whimsical wonderland with some magical statues. This could be a classic gnome with a fishing rod or even little rabbits and squirrels that seem to be hopping about the vegetable patch. For even more excitement, install these little creatures overnight so your kids can go on a hunt for them the next day.

Photo by Bellava G on Unsplash

Label your plants

Get your kids involved in growing plants, flowers and vegetables. After you’ve finished filling pots with soil, add little signs or labels so your kids can remember what they’re growing. It’s a great way to make your garden feel homely and will encourage little ones to spend more time outside. While they might feel impatient to start off with, soon enough they’ll be jumping up and down as sprouts begin to show.


In the summer, you and the kids might be spending more time outside than usual, including in the evenings. Brighten those summer nights with some solar-powered lights that start to glow as the sun goes down. These could be positioned in the grass or around the side of your house. They’ll not only seem really magical, but they’ll help your kids to stay safe as they continue exploring after dinner.

Paddling Pool

House pool and yard
Used with permission of Blackband Design

Having a full swimming pool or hot tub installed in your garden isn’t practical for everyone, but kids will have just as much fun with an inflatable paddling pool. Pair this with a sprinkler for hours of fun during the warmer weather. Just make sure you move the paddling pool around and don’t leave it on your lawn for too long without a break. Otherwise, you could be looking at a patch of dead or yellowing grass for weeks or months after.

There’s plenty of space for creativity in the garden, especially when there are kids involved. Ask your children what they’d like in the garden and go from there.

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