10 Pro-Approved Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Spacious


A tidy and spacious bedroom is a refuge for your mind. It is the place where you can close your eyes and relax. It is where you can have all the peace of mind you need for a good dream. But how can you make your bedroom look spacious?

Freak not because we got ways to make your bedroom appear larger without spending too much money. These tips will give way to a more appealing and cozy space for resting.

1.  Add cubbies under your window seat

Bedroom with window sofa
Used with permission of Lauren Haskett

A lot of window seats are usually left empty. But it is always great to give it an interesting look by adding cubbies underneath it. You can use them as a place to put your stuff and even other unused items that don’t quite fit into your cupboards.

2. Opt for a headboard that comes with storage

Who says that your bed should only have a pretty face? What if you can expand the functionality of your bed? A multi-functional headboard comes to the rescue. You can use the space on the top of your bed for storage or even for small shelves.

3. Use the space along your bedroom walls

Install floating shelves to maximize the space along your bedroom walls. Also, consider adding storage boxes to the shelves below it. This will give you an area where you can store your shoes, collectibles, and even books.

Make sure these shelves are sturdy. They must hold even your precious collectibles, so they will not end up broken. To safeguard your priceless treasures, get the services of a broker like BrokerLink. They can ensure that your home insurance policy also covers memorabilia or collectibles.

4. Make use of the space between your mattress and the wall

Bright designed bedroom with king size bed
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

There is always a gap between your mattress and the wall. You can put a shelf or a stack of boxes in this area to add some interesting décor to your bedroom. You can also create an illusion by putting empty ones on top of these boxes. Doing this will make them appear full.

5. Hide away your bigger furniture pieces

If you still think that the kitchen is the only haven for unused stuff, then you are wrong. Your bedroom can be a haven, too. Do you have an armoire that takes up part of your floor space? You can put it on wheels or give it legs to make it appear less bulky.

You can also convert the top part into shelves. You can use it to store other items like books and table linens.

6. Adding hooks to the back of the wall can go a long way

Why not use that wall behind your clothes rod? There, you can hang your coats and bags. You can also put a few hooks on it where you can hang your necklaces and belts.

7. Drawer organizers are your friends

Do not just toss your clothes inside the drawers. Use a drawer organizer where you can tuck your T-shirts, socks, and other undergarments. This will help save space inside the drawers since you are putting things in proper order.

Plus, it is a good way to keep your clothes neat.

8. Create a DIY invisible bookshelf

View from bedroom with bed and book shelf into hall
Used with permission of Casework

If you are out of space for your books, then it is time to think of an alternative. You can create an invisible bookshelf by utilizing the vertical space on your wall. Be sure to put lighter-weight materials on the uppermost shelves. Doing this will make it sturdier.

With this, you are not only saving space. This DIY trick also hides holes, dents, or cracks on your walls.

9. Add mirrors strategically

Mirrors are great for small spaces because they help to make rooms appear larger. When you are planning to hang a mirror, always place it near the light source. You may also put them at an angle that will reflect natural light into the room.

Another trick to make your room look wide is to use the right color for your walls, ceiling, and even floors. Paint your wall in lighter hues like white, beige, or even gray. Use wooden floors instead of tiling ones since it creates an illusion of having more space.

10. Learn to position furniture the right way

Bedroom with dark bed frame, light pillows and plant beside the bed
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Always position your furniture in a way that makes your room appear to have a higher ceiling. For example, if you have a small bed, then put your bed in the corner to give it a taller impression. You can also place a taller chair or a taller table when you have extra space in the middle of your room.

Making your bedroom spacious is all about making smart moves. Always focus on furniture placement to make the most out of your bedroom space. Also, do not forget that whatever you do, make sure that it pleases you.

Thanks to Ivan Serrano for consulting.


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