Bring the Inside Out – How to Turn Your Garden into A Usable Living Area


In 2021, many of us have been required to socially isolate ourselves in our homes to minimize our risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus.  Many people have used their gardens as a sanctuary during isolation because they can no longer visit public parks and gardens.

As the battle against Coronavirus rages on, having an outdoor space we can use for relaxing, playing, and working in can help us cope with the restrictions. Bring the inside, out – here are some ways you can turn your garden into a usable living area.

Walls and Floors

Flooring in a house can cover a multitude of sins, and the same applies to gardens. If the grass of your lawn has seen better days, you might want to consider planting some new seed, laying turf, or opting for AstroTurf.  Artificial grass is a popular option these days because it is very low maintenance and always looks great. If you wish to lay AstroTurf, look for one that looks most realistic as cheap, shiny varieties can look unappealing.

Aside from grass, you can fashion a garden flooring from decking, concrete, flagstones, or tiles. Decking is an excellent option as it covers a large area in a small amount of time, it can be painted or stained in a variety of colors, and it is low maintenance if you opt for composite decking rather than the wooden type. 

To make your garden flooring look like a proper room, have a look for some colorful outdoor rugs. These will add some softness and warmth beneath your feet.

If a stone wall surrounds your garden, you can paint it to add a pop of color or trail plants across it. Do the same with old wooden fencing, or consider covering it with reed screening or horizontally placed wooden cladding for a modern look. Decorative glass or metal panels can be used to build barriers to section off areas in the garden.


Adding lights to your garden will mean it can become a usable area at night as well as during the day. Look for solar-powered string lights to hang along the perimeter of your garden if you do not have an external power source.

Fairy lights look pretty strung through tree branches, and an outdoor lamp positioned close to a seating area can provide you with enough light to read outside or do some outdoor office work. LED lights sunken into decking look great if you sit out late on a summer night, enjoying a glass or two of wine. If you want something more contemporary, you could Shop Neon Lights UK for some colorful or artistic lighting solutions.


Garden furniture is available to buy in a range of styles and colors.  You can furnish your outdoor residence with sofas, bean bags, benches, dining tables, lounger chairs, coffee tables, and swinging seats – the choice is endless.

If you wish to create and cozy and comfortable lounge-like area in your garden, opt for a rattan-style sofa with squishy cushions and a coffee table to hold drinks and snacks.  You could add warmth to the seating area with a patio heater, fire pit, or build an outdoor fireplace with stone or brick and burn logs on it. Hang an outdoor mirror and some pieces of art around the area to add some decoration.

Create an outdoor kitchen diner by putting a dining table and chairs in your garden area with enough room for a barbeque to be used. If you are a keen chef, you may want to consider installing an outdoor kitchen made from metal or brick and housing a grill, pizza oven, sink, and storage cupboards.


If you are confined to your property due to lockdown, you can transform your garden into an entertainment venue for your family.  You can erect play equipment such as swings, slides, and trampolines if you have young children.

If you have older kids or want some form of amusement for yourself and your partner, you may want to put your creative skills into practice and build a ten-pin bowling alley, putting lawn, or giant chessboard. If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, you could buy some goals and play soccer or play basketball with a net purchased from a local sports store or online.

Create a romantic haven for you and your loved one by installing a hot tub beneath a waterproof gazebo so that you can enjoy a bath under the stars. Add to the ambiance with an outdoor music system that can be controlled remotely. Thanks to the companies linked to above for consulting.


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