Things to Consider if You’re Looking for an Asbestos Inspection Company


Asbestos is no joke. It poses a ton of health risks if you accidentally inhaled it. Once you are exposed to asbestos, you might suffer from several diseases, specifically the lung-related ones.

So if you suspect that your house is filled with asbestos, call the experts to see which areas you have to be cautious with. An expertly done asbestos inspection will help you especially when you’re planning to renovate your home.

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If you’re totally unaware of asbestos presence in your house and you start tearing your house down, everything could go south from there. That’s why it’s important to have your residence checked by a team of experts.

But beware of companies who claim they’re professionals but are unqualified to do the job. Below are some tips to help you choose a legitimate asbestos inspection company. We also included some red flags to help you weed out the good companies from the bad ones.

Check If the Company Employs Retired Builders

Please don’t get us wrong. We applaud the craftsmanship of everyone in the construction industry. What we’re trying to point out is that asbestos inspection is totally different from building houses and establishments.

We don’t invalidate the fact that retired builders are deeply knowledgeable of buildings, tools, and machineries. But that is not equivalent to the knowledge in asbestos risk management. That’s why seeing retired builders on the inspection team is usually not a good sign.

Moreover, retired builders tend to be less compliant of safety protocols. Asbestos is certainly a health-related issue, and every regulation must be followed. If any member of the team refuses to follow strict protocols, that’s a red flag.

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But sometimes you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. They may be retired builders, but they could also be legit inspectors if they’ve undergone formal education and sufficient training. Ask for their certifications or any proof that they are qualified to do the job.

Asbestos Inspection VS Asbestos Removal Companies

Believe it or not, there’s a big difference between the two. And we suggest that you go with the former. That’s because hiring an asbestos removal company that claims to be an inspection company will only create a big conflict of interest. There’s a huge possibility that the reports will be tinkered to favor their asbestos removal business.

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However good the deal is, never fall prey to their sweet talks and enticing offers. Instead, double-check their license at WorkSafe’s website to see whether they’re a removal company or not. And if it turns out that they really are a removal business, that’s a red flag.

Another way to investigate is by checking their past reports. A legitimate and acceptable report for asbestos made by qualified companies like the Greenlight Services are at least 30-pages long. If the reports of your prospects fall short to that, jump on to the next one.

Not All Huge Companies Are Good

The size of a company is not always synonymous to great service and reputation. That’s why no matter how big the inspection company is, you still need to investigate them. You have to see whether their employees are professionally trained for asbestos risk management. Ask the inspectors politely to show their licenses and other creds. At least five years of experience is already good, so if you see that in their creds, you can include them in your options.

Wander Around Their Website

Qualified inspection companies often put their awards and accreditations on display on their website. So before shaking hands with the company you’re considering, it’s better that you do this step first.

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It will also help you if you hire a company that specialises only in the asbestos inspection. Steer clear of the companies that offer a wide range of services like pest removal, termite inspection and asbestos inspection. While there’s really nothing wrong with being a jack-of-all-trades, it’s just that it would be better for you if you hire companies that focus all of their resources in perfecting their services.

Certainly, choosing the best asbestos inspection company can be laborious and time-consuming. But trust us, all of your efforts will be rewarded if you landed a really good company. You have to remember that this is a health issue, after all. That’s why you have to do everything in your power to make sure that it will be handled properly.

If you’re already planning to have your house inspected, just follow the tips mentioned above to find the best company for the job. Thanks to for consulting. 


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