10 Small Office Decor and Design Ideas


Are you building a new office for yourself and wondering how to pull a nice decor? Read this article to get wonderful ideas on how to design your small office.

Colorful home office with desk and chairs
Used with permission of M+M Design Consultants

Did you know that a person spends one-third of their life in the office? That is why it is so important to have a workspace that suits you. In addition to looks, comfort is also important in designing your office. The most essential part is owning your workspace.

Most of us are now working from home, because of the pandemic! Although working from the comfort of your home can have plenty of advantages, the main factor is to find out whether your workstation is actually working efficiently for you. This is why many people prefer setting up a small office in their home.  Interior design companies, like Eightdesign’s office interior design, will design your office perfectly according to your requirements and choice. If you are planning to build your home office, this article is the perfect guide on how to decorate your little workspace.

Let There be Light

We can’t stress enough how important lighting is when it comes to decorating spaces. The way you put up lights in your office will change the looks entirely. You can choose to make use of natural lighting. This is perfect if there are windows in your office space.

Artificial lighting is extremely important since you will not be getting natural light all day! It is always a better idea to go for high-quality lamps over inexpensive fluorescent lighting. A warm, bright lamp beside your work table will give you a cozy vibe and illuminate your workspace too.

Make An Entry

The first thing your colleagues or clients will notice is the entry to your office. So you have to make sure that the entry is neat. Remember, the first impression is the last impression. You can put up posters, a bookshelf or paintings. Keep in mind that any decoration or furniture that you choose to put here should make your guests feel welcome.

Plan With Plants

Office with desk, chairs and plants
Used with permission of Kerry Spears, Nathan Schroeder and Kelli Boyd Photography

Having a touch of nature in your office gives a refreshing vibe. And the best way to bring a piece of nature to your office is plants. Keeping some small, low-maintenance plants like succulents, snake plants, and cactus will cost you very little money and energy but will look pretty and create a welcoming feeling in your office.

Bring Life with Colors

The colors that you use will define your office. You don’t want your office to look boring. Use light colors to paint the walls. You might want to put your favorite colors on the walls, but they may look clumsy. Light colors make rooms look large and airy. Did you know that colors can have a huge impact on your mood and productivity? Red color seems to help us focus better, while blues and greens enhance our creativity. It isn’t necessary that you have to paint your walls with monochromatic colors. You can also opt for patterned wallpapers.

When it comes to furniture, our favorite is the white ones. They are timeless and elegant. You can also choose black or just plain wood color to get a classy look.

Place to Relax

You don’t want to work all day. It is smart to have a small place for relaxing during breaks. Use cool-toned colors like greens and blues for this area.

Choose Comfortable Furniture

Home office with sofa
Used with permission of M+M Design Consultants

You’re most likely to spend more than 8 hours in your office. If you go for fancy furniture which provides zero comfort, it will do more harm. So always choose comfortable furniture for your office. You can pick adjustable desks so that you can adjust the levels according to your comfort. Using rotating armchairs instead of rigid ones will give you the comfort you need.

Not only that, other furniture in your office should be minimalistic. Since you are working with a small space, bulky furniture will look clumsy and unappealing!

Store Vertically

Small offices can have an issue with storage. For this reason, vertical storage facilities are the most appropriate. Build tall vertical shelves or cabinets to make minimum use of floor space.

Centralize Supplies

While designing an office, is it essential to organize all your supplies centrally? Yes, because you do not want to get up a number of times from your desk to fetch items you need. You can incorporate a small shelf or use the drawers of your desk to keep the most essential supplies near you.

Loose Cords are Unattractive

Nobody likes loose, hanging cords all over the place. However, it’s your office, which means you will have a lot of electric appliances, so there will be cords. Tucking them behind furniture can be an option, but we suggest that you invest in covers to hide them more naturally and effortlessly.

Pin A Painting

Sofa and picture on the wall above it
Used with permission of M+M Design Consultants

Hanging an oversized painting in your office, maybe in front of your work desk, will enhance the look of your office. We prefer abstract art over photos. Still, there are night sky prints that have become quite a favorite for people who work from home. You can choose a single color-based photo that contrasts with your wall color to add a bright splash.

Plan Ahead

Building or decorating a space as important as your office needs planning. It is not wise to go with the flow. Choose a color book to see which color will look better for your office. Plan out a theme and decorate accordingly. Some people like classic office decorations, while others prefer bright and playful ones. The whole decor changes with these ideas. So laying out a plan always helps.

Now that you know how to decorate your office just the way you imagined, roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Thanks to eightdesign.com.sg for consulting on this post.


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