3 Things To Consider When Looking For Military Housing


Homes come in all shapes and sizes, but their acquisition and condition can vary depending on a person’s profession.

More specifically, military veterans have a unique position laid out before them. From how they secure their properties to what standards to expect, there are many variables at play here.

Of course, these pieces of military trivia can be useful to know if you are considering enlisting yourself. How might your life play out moving forward? What might you come to expect when it comes to finding a home as a veteran of the armed forces?

On Base Considerations

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Weight the pros and cons of living on base in military housing. Practice patience and try to adjust to barracks life smoothly, as you will be sharing a bunk bed and bathrooms with your fellow soldiers. Prepare to mull over other potential options also, as you may be presented with the choice of living in military housing on base or searching for an abode elsewhere, but nearby.

Pay heed to the challenges you may encounter. Anticipate dealing with limited housing styles, or your kids needing to endure subpar schools in the area. Consider that military bases can be dangerous areas, too.

Contemplate the advantages also, such as being closer to work which may save you a commute and cost savings elsewhere in your budget. Deciding where you fall here as a veteran comes largely down to your personal preferences and circumstances.

VA Loans

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Go through the official channels for housing military personnel. Research VA loans. Use the VA loan calculator from Hero Loan, and you will be able to buy a home or refinance one painlessly. Search for a good deal here and you can secure lower rates on better quality home loans. Work closely with the Hero Loan team for an arrangement that has been carefully sculpted to your veteran status.

Try not to let your work obscure your appetite for fair rewards, especially it comes to housing. Do not take your position for granted. Utilize every advantage you can to its maximum potential as all skilled military personnel do in various other situations.

Voicing Concerns

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You should standards for yourself and your housing arrangements, not least because of your dedicated military service. Stay true to your principles here, because serving in the military yet living in poor conditions is unacceptable. Try to have your own personal checklist in terms of what criterion your potential military home needs to meet. Tick each box carefully as you meticulously browse your options – your overall impressions here matter.

Is there any mold in the property? Are vermin present? Do not run a solo operation here either. Run grievances up the chain of command with vigor. Compare your experiences with those of your peers also. Have they encountered any similar shortcomings? Can you merge your complaints to bolster the credibility of each?

Try not to view any housing shortcomings as just a downside of the job you must endure. Serving requires sacrifice, and good rest, so the least you can expect in return for your dedication is a nice place to live. Thanks to heroloan.com for consulting.


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