The Best Way To Cut Concrete For Removing Concrete Slabs?


Concrete, a new-age yet timeless material, has been a trend since its inception. When we think of cutting concrete, the thought itself might make it look like a tough task, but that is not true. With the right set of tools and professional help, you can guarantee this process to be as stress-free as cutting a piece of cake!

For concrete sizes of 6 inches or less, we can use circular saws and cut-off saws that can do the trick effectively. Whereas, if you’re thinking of cutting linearly when it comes to projects about constructing a patio, sidewalk, basement walls, etc., a bit more effort and a bit more budget are required.

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Here are the three most effective methods on how you can cut concrete and remove the concrete slabs

#1 Setting Up The Concrete

  • Purchase concrete slab between 4 to 6 inches.
  • Mark off the region that is to be cut with a piece of chalk or marker. You can either do this freehand or make use of the proper tools for a precise cut. Use colours like blue and white for chalk in order to offer more visibility.
  • Use the designated area under the chalk for cutting purposes. When you are cutting the concrete which is poured as well as finished, make sure that you make it correctly with chalk. Make sure that you are having assistance in the form of a professional to help you with it. This way there are no errors while doing so.

#2 Using A Circular Saw

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  • Set the blade within the depth of the circular saw up to 2 inches deep. Then release the blade lever and move the base plate along the surface under 2 inches of the saw. Make sure that the blade is being held steady to avoid any form of glitches. Tighten the blade well, and then get going.
  • You need to always unplug the circular saw before adjusting its depth.
  • Make sure that you’re using proper tools under supervision to avoid any harm.
  • After the setting is done right, get on your knees and face the chalk line. Make sure that the angle is maintained at 45 degrees. Gript the front-most handle with your dominant hand to hold it right. After this, begin cutting at the edge and then move towards the line.
  • Make sure that you are using protective eyewear while doing this.

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#3 By Using a Cut-Off Saw

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  • Use the same process of marking with the chalk line of the marked area you wish to cut.
  • Attach a diamond blade used for wet cutting to a cut off saw. Make sure that you’re using vice grips to prevent it from spinning. Unscrew the bolt in the centre and remove the small rim piece while taking the old blade out.
  • Diamond blade is strong enough to cut through concrete. You can even use this to cut brick or granite.
  • Make sure that you loosen the blade lever to release it and adjust the correct depth. Once the correct depth is achieved, tighten the blade lever and start working.
  • While cutting, place your dominant foot forward from the saw in a perpendicular direction.
  • The blade needs to run from 30 to 45 seconds, not more. After every break makes sure that it gets cooled off. Also, make sure that you are never applying water to cool down the blade.

Make sure that while cutting concrete you are taking adequate precautions. From the proper tools to self-safety, it is necessary to do it all with precision as well. Therefore, it is advised to go for a professional and expert opinion as well as expertise on this one. To know more – visit –

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