The Value of Pairing Your Home Design Business With an Audio Visual Company


Whether you build houses on spec, flip homes, or are a home architect, it’s important to recognize the role that technology now plays in home design. You don’t have to do it alone. Audiovisual businesses have taken on the role of experts in the technology that creates a smart home. Read on for details of how working with an AV business will add value to your home offerings.

used with permission from Andrea West Design

Create Homes People Want to Buy

Smart homes are not just the future, they are here now and new features are being dreamed up all the time. Instead of having to keep on top of the latest trends, working with an AV company in Nashville or wherever you’re designing and building homes means you can leave the leg work to them. Not only are they trained on the latest innovations, but they already know what people are looking for and what sells best. You’ll also have a trusted team to work with when you add these features to your design. Some of the things an AV partner can help you with include:

  • pre-wire planning.
  • home security.
  • smart lighting.
  • home theater.
  • window controls.

Pre-Wire Planning

It’s important to bring your AV partner in early in the process of design because one of the most important steps is pre-wired planning for the home. Your design looks most professional and appealing when the necessary low voltage is wiring is hidden away in the walls and ceiling. Even if you don’t hook up every smart system imaginable, wiring for it and saving your new buyer from having to crawl around in the attic to drop wiring can be a selling point. 

used with permission from Andrea West Design

Home Security

Pre-installed systems that will sell the home include home security. In the past, home builders would never have considered adding a security system without the input of a buyer because it was tied to a specific company. Now, with smart home technology, you can install the cameras, smart locks, sensors and motion detectors then let the home buyer pick out their own monitoring service. Even if they choose not to have the system monitored, the security you’ve set up still adds to their safety and ability to monitor their own home. Security also includes smart lighting that knows to come on at specific times that aren’t necessarily tied to motion or light sensors, but instead adjust to the owner’s schedule. All of these technologies can also be monitored and adjusted from the owner’s phone.

used with permission from Andrea West Design

Traditional Audiovisual

While most buyers will bring in their own TV, have the home theater experience ready for them with window coverings that can be adjusted at a spoken command, and a system of speakers all tied to voice activation and phone control. Speakers aren’t just for around the communal TV anymore either, consider bringing the sound into bedrooms or other spaces people might want to watch. Install outdoor speakers for relaxing in the backyard. 

These are the type of amenities people expect to have to add after purchase; exceeding their expectations with an AV partner is the key to closing the sale. Thanks to hifibuy for consulting!


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