Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Ways To Decorate Your Home


Are you planning to redecorate your home in the near future, but want to make sure that your decorating approach is eco-friendly and sustainable? Whether you’re swapping out toxic old paint for peel and stick wallpaper and neutral wallpaper for walls or you just want to get some new art or potpourri to accent each room, redecorating doesn’t have to be wasteful or harmful to the environment. In fact, you can transform your home while still remaining eco-conscious by taking these unique and sustainable approaches.

Focus on Small Yet Meaningful Pieces of Wall Art and Plants Rather Than Wasteful Upgrades

Living room with coffee table, couch and TV on the wall
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Rather than sinking time and money into serious home upgrades or built-in decorations that could prove harmful not only to your budget but to the environment as well, focus on adding small but meaningful pieces of décor to your home room by room. One great way to do this is to use designer wall art to upgrade the ambiance of each room. This approach doesn’t require using excess materials but can still make a big difference to the feel of your home.

Renovate Your Home With Eco-Friendly Materials

If you do plan to go a bit further than simply redecorating and hope to do some minor renovations on your home, make sure you opt for eco-friendly materials. Simply consult an interior designer or architect for the options available to you, and choose the ones that best suit your needs while still keeping environmental impact low. For instance, instead of using traditional construction materials or decorations, you could:

  • Replace your current flooring with eco-friendly options such as wood floors or bamboo floors
  • Get cabinets made with recycled materials such as reclaimed wood
  • Use recycled glass or paper accents to decorate the home

Shop Secondhand and Use Hand-Me-Downs or Thrift Items as Décor

Living room with table and books on it, couch and pictures on the wall
Used with permission of Andrea West Design

One easy way to reduce wastefulness and stay conscious of your environmental impact when redecorating is to bypass brand-new items and instead opt for gently used items for your décor. By shopping secondhand, for instance, you can easily repurpose an already existing item without having to contribute to the pollution that could result from ordering a new product. Additionally, this approach could be beneficial to your budget, since secondhand or thrift items tend to be significantly cheaper than new items – and you may even be able to score some hand-me-downs from your loved ones for free! You can easily implement this approach by:

  • Supporting local small businesses by purchasing hand-crafted products
  • Using friends’ or relatives’ hand-me-downs and repurposing them as décor
  • Going to thrift stores to shop for secondhand items instead of purchasing all-new furniture or decorations
Part of the bright designed living room with chair, table and pillows in the basket below the table, and a mirror on the wall above the table with flowers and books
Used with permission of Lisa Furey Interiors

If you’re hoping to redecorate your home soon, don’t stress about sustainability – simply implement these easy and eco-friendly ideas! Some home renovations or redecorations can be wasteful, but you can stay eco-conscious by adding small decorative items to each room, renovating only with eco-friendly materials, and using more hand-me-downs or thrift items to rejuvenate your home. Use these fun ideas to decorate your home the environmentally responsible way! Thanks to for consulting.


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