6 Ways To Make The Most Of Small Outdoor Spaces


Nowadays, you may find everything you need in outdoor areas since you can have your dining, lounging, and entertainment zones there. Outdoor activities become an excellent avenue for inviting friends and relatives over. However, when you have a small and limited space, making the most of your outdoor area can be dire challenging.

Maximize Your Space!

Exterior hall with flowers
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Below are ideas to help you create the best outdoor living space ever, whether you’re looking to entertain guests, host an outdoor summer party, or just escape to the outdoors for a few minutes every day.

1. Make Use Of Built-In Bench

You always get the best value with built-in furniture because it’s custom-made and it fits the size of your available outdoor area. If you own your home and have a higher budget, a built-in bench may be a good choice. Concrete or wood benches built into a tight spot would be the ideal solution as they can be tailored to fit your space perfectly.

Combining a built-in bench with a table for outdoor seating is an excellent idea. It could offer a great dining spot for your friends and family or act as a fun place to meet.

2. Optimize Seating Arrangement

Limited outdoor space isn’t a valid excuse to not be able to accommodate enough seats for your family and guests. Take advantage of a diverse manner of seating like porch swings as it’s a practical option, particularly when you have children constantly roaming and playing. The best way to get more out of it is to match it with foldable chairs and tables you could move quickly.

You can also try combining sets of materials when designing your space such as using wooden chairs with a marbled table. Using your creativity, you can incorporate seats with a dual purpose, making it a chair when you need it to function as one and have it work as something else like an accent design for your outdoor space.

3. Go Minimal

Front of the house with lawn
Used with permission of Emily Followill

It may seem challenging to create a fantastic patio with a small footprint, but it could be designed and constructed. You can transform a dull outdoor area into a stylish, chic retreat with the right furniture. Regardless of your patio’s size, it can inspire you to think big.

Go creative but minimal while designing your patio because less is more. A potted plant and three furniture pieces will do the trick. With a bistro set, you can entertain and dine outside in a modest external space.

4. Mix And Match

A great way of making an area seem more prominent is to use many layers. Some small furnishings can go well with bright accent pieces, which gives the patio a cohesive look while maximizing its size. There’s more to outdoor textiles than just revamping the aesthetics of the place. Choose lovely and soothing pieces such as a feathery rug, a soft blanket, or some throw pillows to provide comfort and allow your guests to relax in the place.

5. Go For Space Saving Furniture

Choose the ideal pieces and opt for space-saving furniture designs when planning your outdoor furniture layout. Several compact pieces of outdoor furniture can create the perfect outdoor dining room. You may refer to some guide to help you decide which ones to buy. Use easily movable furniture, so you and your guests have extra space to roam around.

During your relaxing afternoon in a chaise lounge and side table, you can get some work done with a folding table and chairs. As for an intimate dinner party, you may unfold or place them against the wall for a cozy party. Also, think about adding a wooden bench to the available space so it can double as seating and storage. The key is to find a piece of innovative furniture flexible enough to be changed and kept anytime.

6. Make A Micro Garden

House garden in the sunrise
Used with permission of Blackband Design

The balcony can be an ideal place to have various potted plants, and the easiest way to take care of them is to plant them in containers. Having the flexibility of moving things around gives you the freedom to make changes to your space. Small-space gardens can successfully grow flowers, plants, and vegetables, so be creative and unleash your green thumb. 

The key is to create an airy space with the garden you like. Make your area more captivating by using plants or plant bases with an attractive shape that’ll take up less area. A small outdoor garden can still be beautiful and vibrant even with limited space. 


Despite the glaring limitation, a small space could give you the freedom to add pieces to enhance the area and not simply be confined to it. Take advantage of all these different ways to make the most of your outdoor space. Thanks to theporchswingstore.com for consulting.


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