Outstanding Great Room Designs For Your Modern Home


Have you been looking for new ways to spruce up the look of your great room? Maybe you’ve been wanting to shift to a more modern look, add in new decor or create an entirely different space by switching up the current design in your living room.

Regardless of the changes you want to make, we can help get you started with unique ideas to enhance the overall look of your great room.

Modern living room decor is all about functionality and simplicity. It is about expressing your original style through the pieces you choose, to create a sophisticated, classy, and cozy living space. Every detail, big or small, that you include in your great room will have an impact on the completed look that you see once renovations are complete.

Beige designed living room with a round chandelier, couch and table with flowers in vase
Used with permission of Leo Designs CHICAGO

You will want to create an inviting but comfortable space that will welcome your friends and family into your home. This will make your modern living room a special place to make memories from the comfort of your home.

If you’ve been considering switching up the look in your living room, now is the time to take a risk, make the change and create a classy, cozy but modern design in your living space.

Here are some ideas to get you started on the journey towards transforming your living room, to help guide you as you begin the shift towards a modern design.

Add A Fireplace

In a living space with a modern theme, a fireplace can be a great addition to the overall look of the entire room.

Not only can a fireplace keep you warm through the winter months but it can add a cozy and inviting feeling to your great room. There are many fireplace designs out there but no matter the kind you choose, it is guaranteed to be the focal point of your living space. It will capture the attention of those who walk in, creating an ambiance in the room.

Types Of Fireplaces To Look Into:

  • Electric Fireplace with mantel (no flame option)
  • Direct Vent Unit (eco-friendly choice)
  • Gas Fireplace (convenient and low maintenance option)
  • Wood Burning Option (lower cost and environmentally friendly choice)
Living room with sofas and coffee table
Used with permission of Jenny Keenan

Re-paint or Add An Accent Wall

Depending on the initial style you are going for in your great room, you may consider repainting the walls to bring the entire look together. In a lot of modern living room designs, the walls are a neutral color such as white or grey depending on the tone you prefer in the room.

However, if your walls are already a neutral shade you may want to add something new to your great room, such as an accent wall. This wall will be the center of attention, drawing in the eye from all angles. You can pick a simple design, an intricate pattern, or something unique, it just depends on the overall look that you want to complete in the room.

Bring in Pops Of Color

To add to the simple modern design in your great room, to break away from the neutral tones, you may consider adding pops of color throughout the room to spruce it up.

By adding pops of color to your living space, you will be able to add a bit of vibrancy to the simple and plain design you currently have. You can add color through furniture, a rug, pillows, or a fur throw blanket, any way you can bring a settle pop of color into the final design.

You can still keep the room modern and sleek, by keeping everything uniform and cohesive to match in the modern design you choose.

Find Unique Lighting

When designing a modern great room for your home, it is important to take time to look at lighting and the role it plays in the overall feeling of the living space.

Light creates an ambiance and can make a difference in any room, especially a great room where time is spent relaxing or unwinding. Depending on the style of light fixture you choose, whether it’s intricate or simple, you can use it to decorate the room and for functionality, while adding to the modern design.

Types Of Light Fixtures To Check-Out:

  • Modern Chandeliers (industrial or classic crystal style)
  • Standing Floor Lamp
  • Retro Industrial Lighting Fixtures
  • Hanging Globe Pendant

Add New Shelving

Home office shelf
Used with permission of Kerry Spears, Nathan Schroeder and Kelli Boyd Photography

To add simple yet intricate detail to your great room, find a type of shelving unit you like and utilize it in your space. Shelving is very versatile, giving you a place to store things or display different pieces of decor that match the design of the room.

Types Of Shelving To Add To Your Great Room:

  • Triangular Shelves
  • Floating Shelves
  • Corner Floating Shelves
  • Wall Length Bookshelves

A lot of modern designs incorporate reclaimed wood shelves which are the perfect way to bring this style into your living space. The wood will contrast with the neutral tones, bringing the entire space together, especially if you add other bits of reclaimed wood to decorate to make the look more consistent.

Add Simple Decor

Once you have finally put together all of the bigger details in your great room, you can begin to look at smaller details and simple decor that you can add into the space to tie the entire design together. There are so many things you can add, so it is important that you do not go overboard in order to keep the finished design simple, modern and sleek.

Area Rugs

By adding an area rug to your living room space you will bring a sense of comfort and style to the room. This will help create a more inviting, warm feeling in your great room.

Whether you want a plain, neutral rug, a bohemian style rug to add intricate details, or a striped style to add a bold design to the room, you are bound to find a rug that fits with the look of the entire space.


A popular decoration to add to any modern living space is greenery. This will bring a pop of color, life, and simplicity to space, adding to the decor you have without being too overwhelming. Add one plant or as many as you like, keeping in mind you want to keep up the simple, modern design.

To spruce up the decor in your living room, add a DIY floral arrangement, an indoor palm tree, hanging house plants, or succulents to your area. Buy real plants if you have a green thumb or settle for faux plants, either way, they will be a great addition to the decor in your modern living room.

Wall Art

To tie together any living space, wall art is necessary, especially when the walls are a neutral shade and seem too bare without some sort of decor to break them up. You can find unique prints and put them in a frame, look for novelty signs you like, or large wall mirrors that match other accents in the space.

Any of this wall art can add the little details you need to complete the overall look of your modern living room.

Throw Pillows

Adding colorful or patterned throw pillows to your great room can add a pop of color or detail where necessary, especially in a space where the walls and couch are a neutral color. By adding throw pillows to the couch you will bring in new colors or designs that can help bring the entire modern, cozy theme together.

Colorful Poufs

In many modern living room designs, there are colorful or patterned poufs around the coffee table or near the couch, serving as decor and a place to sit or rest your feet after a long day. These poufs are a small detail but can add so much to the room, without adding too much into the completed design.

Poufs are versatile, functional and can add color or design to any modern space.

Taking Your Great Room To The Next Level With These Modern Designs

If you have been considering changing up the look of your great room, now is the perfect opportunity to take time and begin making subtle changes, to eventually turn your living room into a modem, sleek but cozy space.

By adding shelving, re-painting the walls, changing up the lighting, adding a fireplace, or decorating with greenery, you can take your great room from simple to modern, sophisticated, and chic. You can bring in unique details that stand out to you and will pop in the room, it is all about your style and the design you choose.

Make the room exactly what you want it to be, adding your own flair to the modern design you are recreating. Bring simplicity, beauty, and sophistication to your living space, giving you a cozy place to enjoy friends or family, or a relaxing night on your own. Thanks to magikflame.com for consulting.


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