Willing to Change the Look of Your House? Follow These Tips


Are you one of those who feel bored with the look of your house and cannot wait to change it? Do you feel an inclination to do a makeover of your humble abode because of the outdated look? Many people would nod their head in affirmative as people do not often indulge in the renovation of their houses.

Still, most of them have an underlying wish to do so. Sometimes the thought of getting supplies to do the remodeling stops them. In comparison, some think that updating the house will be an added expense which they cannot afford.

Living room with couch, coffee table and shelf with decorations
Used with permission of Katie Destefano

The cost of living is on the constant rise, and people have to think hard about their expenses. But, if you plan smart and do your research thoroughly, neither will you have to break the bank, nor will you have to turn the house upside down. A house is a place one spends the most time at, and there is no reason it should not appear the way the dwellers prefer. Incorporating a few but significant changes here and there can completely transform the house’s feel and give it a new touch.

The following are a few tricks and tips that will help you in changing the look of your house without doing much:

1. Modify the Windows

People often ignore their windows as they feel that the curtains and shades are the only two types of modification. The modern markets have various options for window treatments, such as wooden shutters, satin shades, and lace window panes. If you want to go for curtains, you can change the prints or color and get the trendy ones.

A viable approach is to get Window Installation tri-cities and check the options available and pick one as per your preference. Another tip is to change the glass of the windows and have a sliding door instead. Most houses have windows in almost every room, and by simply updating the windows, you can change the whole look of your space.

2. Have a Mix-and-Match Approach for your Living Room

The living room is the busiest area of the house, and generally, it needs upgrading the most. While renovating the living room, you can be trendy and have a mix-and-match approach for the décor. Throw colorful cushions of different fabrics, have antique decoration pieces with modern paintings, or incorporate different styles of rugs.

Moreover, you can have various seating arrangements and have some cane ottomans, wooden chairs, or stool for additional seating. Living room décor reflects the house’s mood, and remodeling this space gives the whole place an upgraded feel.

Corner of the room with armchairs and table with decorations
Used with permission of Katie Destefano

3. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Lighting

Lighting can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space. Modern markets have dozens of options for lightings, and you can easily pick a different combination for your home. A stylish chandelier on the entryway can modify the space and gives guests a warm welcome. Modern and sleek lamps on the corners provide you with control of lighting while adding glamour to the house. Another option is to have built-in lighting in cabinets and cupboards to accentuate some significant furniture pieces.

Warm lights give a room a trendy feel, and you can have dim yellow bulbs in living and guest rooms. Experts suggest that it is better to have white lights for studying purposes and have white shades in bedrooms and study rooms. Changing the light arrangements will save you from changing the furniture settings, and you can easily update the house’s look.

4. Incorporate Greenery

If you look into the décor of luxurious places, you will find that almost all spaces have some plants in their interior. Bringing nature in will positively impact inhabitants as plants purify the air and lift their spirits. Modern homes are generally compact and do not offer space for a separate garden. Therefore, you can have small flowering pots and place them on cabinets, shelves, or tables.

Hanging planters adorn the house without claiming much space on the floor. Placing a larger plant pot on the entrance will leave a good impression on guests.

5. Indulge in Declutter

Bringing new things into the house without making space for them is a grave mistake you can commit. Without spending any money, you can change the look of your home by decluttering and throwing away unnecessary things. Many people have a habit of storing items in the storeroom, thinking that the need may arise someday and before they know they have enough stuff to set up a shop.

If they are seasonal stuff, you can avail of a storage unit, and for others, you can toss or give them away. If you have not used something for ninety days, chances are you never will. And if ever you need something, you can always get a new one from the market.

Dining room with dark table and white chairs
Used with permission of Katie Destefano

6. Upgrade Flooring

Changing the flooring might require you to move your things, but it can substantially impact the interior design. You can throw some rugs in the living room, have wooden flooring for bedrooms, or go for trendy tiles for the kitchen and bathrooms. Another idea is to have the same flooring for the whole house to give it an even look. Changing the flooring alone is enough to renovate the space and provide your home with an updated feel.


Home is a sanctuary, and it should give inhabitants a feeling of relaxation and comfort. With time, furniture items, curtains, and other household items start appearing worn-down, creating a need to update them. Contrary to popular belief, upgrading the house’s appeal does not necessarily have to be a specific and expensive procedure.

With extensive preparation, you can transform the look of your abode without making a hole in your pocket. Renovating a house seems tiring, but the joy of experiencing an updated look of the home supersedes the exhaustion. Thanks to windowsourcetricities.com for consulting.


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