Gorgeous Table Decoration and Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day


What better way to celebrate your mom than sharing a lovely meal? With many people staying away from public spaces, this is the perfect time to plan a nice brunch or dinner while staying safe at home.

Adding a gorgeous table decoration that can double as a gift is a creative way to make the occasion more special. Here are some centerpiece and decor ideas to get you inspired.

Living room with coffee table with flower decoration
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A Springtime Floral Arrangement

Keep things simple with a springtime floral arrangement proudly displayed in a vase on your dining table. When choosing a bouquet for Mother’s Day, opt for bright, uplifting blooms. Tulips, roses, and daylilies are excellent options for Mother’s Day, and mums are particularly thematic.

A simple gift of “Thank You” Flowers is a great way to show your appreciation for everything your mom has done. After all, you wouldn’t be here without her!

A Citrus Display

For a fun, fresh alternative to flowers, consider making a centerpiece using citrus fruit. You can display these in a crystal bowl or elevate the decor by displaying them in a tall vase. Stick with a simple combination of lemons and limes for a pop of color, or mix it up with oranges, mandarins, grapefruit, and other brightly-colored fruit.

A citrus display is a unique decor element that sets the tone for spring. You and mom can also use these to make lemonade (or sangria).

A Teapot

Teapots are the perfect Mother’s Day decor piece, as they invoke the elegance of high tea and royalty. Use a teapot as a standalone decor piece, using it to serve tea or as a vessel for a floral arrangement.

You can use a teapot to display a simple ivy plant, a succulent arrangement, or a floral display using floral foam. If you’re having brunch in a backyard or garden, trim some fresh flowers for the teapot to create a magical momento.

Teapots and cups on the DIY shelfs
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A Birdcage Display

For a unique twist on traditional centerpieces, use an antique birdcage as your focal point. A refurbished birdcage, painted and decorated with dried flowers, is a stunning display piece that’s ideal for antique lovers. You can add fresh flowers inside or take a more modern approach with fairy lights or candles.

You can find antique-inspired bird cages at many craft stores if using a real one isn’t an option.

A Tiered Plate of Treats

Food is a form of art. Instead of adding extra decorative elements to the table, use your treats and snacks as the focal point. Elevate the event by displaying food on a tiered plate set-up, arranging your finger sandwiches, macarons, and other tasty delights just so. Add a few food-safe flowers to bring the look together.

A Water Display

For a non-traditional decor piece that doubles as a gift, consider using a water display rather than the traditional floral arrangements. You can keep this simple by getting a small fountain or use a fishbowl to float florals and candles.

For a truly stunning display, arrange long-stem flowers floating in tall vases. You can also use river stones, marbles, and glued ornaments to add to the look.

If your mom is an aquatic animal lover, consider using a simple goldfish or beta as your centerpiece and invite her to take her new friend home.

A Succulent Terrarium

Some people prefer plants that will stay alive rather than fresh-cut flowers. If this sounds like your mom, consider putting together a succulent terrarium. This arrangement will stand the test of time— especially since succulents are hard to kill.

Succulent Terrarium on the table beside the glasses and chopsticks
Photo by Marc Babin on Unsplash

A Feather Arrangement

Another unique alternative to a traditional floral display is a feather display. You can create a bouquet-style arrangement using craft feathers or keep it simple with a few faux peacock or ostrich feathers displayed in a vase. This stunning decor piece also doubles as a lasting gift that your mom can display in her home.

Vintage Lanterns

Finally, consider a few vintage lanterns as your dining focal point. Use a classic hurricane lantern as a candle holder, or venture into the attic to find some old kerosene lanterns. To enhance these items, you can add greenery or florals— just be mindful of open flames and heat.

With these gorgeous table decoration ideas, you can enjoy a special event with your mother from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to bouqs.com for consulting on this post.


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