4 Warning Signs Homeowners Need AC Repair in Elgin IL


Is your home not as cool as it used to be in summer? Does your AC unit produce odd noises? These are only a few of the warning signs of dealing with an air-conditioning defect.

Instead of ignoring them, homeowners are advised to act immediately and hire AC technicians to diagnose and resolve the issues. There are numerous HVAC companies in Elgin, such as Advantage Heating & Cooling, which are experts in air-conditioning services.

Make sure you hire one when you notice one of the following signs.

Poor airflow

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Common sign homeowners in Elgin need AC repair is when experiencing an issue such as poor airflow. While your unit will still be functioning normally by blowing cold air, the room will most likely feel not as cold as usual. The best way to check whether you are dealing with poor airflow is by holding your hand near the vent to feel the power of the air coming out.

In case the air lacks the usual power, the cooling capacity of the unit will definitely be reduced. It means there won’t be enough airflow in the room. This warning sign usually indicates an issue with the air ducts or the compressor of the unit. Fortunately, HVAC technicians are capable of conducting an inspection of these parts and detecting potential issues.

Blowing warm air

Another warning sign that homeowners in Elgin should be aware of is feeling warm air coming out of the unit. Make sure you check the thermometer for any change in settings, as it might be set to heat by accident. If thermostat settings look alright, it’s time to contact AC technicians to diagnose the core of the problem.

Moreover, if your unit is blowing warm air, there are multiple scenarios that lead to such an issue. For instance, the outdoor unit might be deficient in electricity, or the system may be low on refrigerant. Another potential cause can be a disconnected return duct or a malfunctioning compressor.

After a careful inspection of the HVAC system, the technician will pinpoint the defect and suggest the most appropriate solution. Click here to see three ways of checking an AC compressor.

Emission of strange noises

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A frequent warning sign your AC needs repair is the emission of strange noises originating from the unit. While it’s normal for the unit to produce a certain amount of noise, loud noises are definitely not acceptable. Therefore, contacting an AC technician would be a wise idea if you hear any noises in the form of grinding, screeching, grating, clicking and scraping.

Each type of noise indicates a specific problem. For example, a clicking sound originating from the outdoor unit while running is usually caused by a minor fan obstruction. An HVAC technician will inspect the fan in search of the object that causes obstruction, remove it, and ensure the AC is no longer clicking. Sometimes, the clicking noise might be accompanied by the inability of the system to turn off.

A bubbling noise occurs when having a problem with the condensate line or, even worse, dealing with a refrigerant leak. In contrast, hearing a squealing sound that originates from the indoor unit is an indicator of a malfunctioning fan belt.

This noise is likely to appear occasionally, which is why most homeowners decide to ignore it. Anyhow, by ignoring it, the entire air conditioner is at the risk of not working once the belt breaks. Hire an AC technician to have the belt replaced before it triggers a severe defect.

Unusual smell

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Another indicator of facing an AC issue that requires repair is noticing unpleasant odors coming from it. These scents are present in households where air conditioners either have an electrical defect or are affected by mold contamination.

When noticing a burning smell, the cause is usually related to electrical wiring. If the odor is musty, then a mold is present somewhere in the system. In the event of mold contamination, the health of residents is largely affected. Therefore, mold spores should be immediately eliminated from the duct system.


Don’t ignore the behavior of your air conditioner.

Always beware of potential defects!

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