5 Bedroom Design Business Trends 2021


Bedrooms are considered sanctuaries, and the year 2020 saw our safe havens turn into Zoom meeting spots, snacking and dining areas, and Netflix binge stations. With the arrival of 2021 and spring officially in session, it’s time for an overhauling of the bedroom.

So, throw away the junk, do a deep clean, and sit down to read our top 5 bedroom decorating trends that will dominate the 2021 design. 

If you are a home décor business, these trends will help you direct your inventory purchases, so pay attention.

Beige designed bedroom with double bed, chair at the bottom of the bed, chandelier, mirror on the wall above the bed and windows on the side of the bed
Used with permission of Emily Followill

1. Minimalism Is Out; Statement Is In

As the pandemic continues raging, people are likely to continue working from home. Being constantly in a space that’s minimum and bare of all furnishings can seem depressive and cold. That’s why we are seeing a huge shift in customers’ attitude toward favoring cozier and warmer spaces in their homes, compared to the ultra-modern, industrial décor trends of the past decades.

As a business, invest in statement pieces that people can mix, match, and use to reflect their personalities. Un-matching bedside tables, custom lighting fixtures, vintage screens, wicker chairs, uniquely designed mirrors, geometric-shaped décor pieces, and so much more.

2. Sustainable Materials

Stock your store with the finest in sustainable materials. Décor and furnishing items that are made with sustainable materials like cotton, bamboo, and wood, etc. are great for creating eco-friendly living spaces. Customers are also increasingly choosing to invest in natural and organic furnishing items that are friendly to the environment, ethically-made, and cruelty-free.

Here are a bunch of sustainable home décor brands sourced by The Good Trade and the Sustainably Chic. Go through the lists and see which brands you’d like to partner with to promote ethical home styling.

Bedroom with double bed, small table with flowers in vase and window
Used with permission of Emily Followill

3. Exciting Color Palettes

Color is the most visually striking feature in any room. Colors set the tone of our emotions, influence our sleep cycle, and work as the canvas that brings the whole look of the room together.

Therefore, it is important to get your bedroom colors right. While the usual color palette for a room is mostly neutrals – white, beige, and such – things are heading towards some change in 2021. Blue has always been a popular bedroom color, especially for statement walls, but we are now seeing lighter shades of it gracing our private spaces. Bold and bright colors are also making a comeback.

Orange, yellow, and pink are everywhere to be seen on trendy Insta-worthy bedrooms. But make sure to only use these colors as pops and secondary shades. Also, add tints and hues of other colors in your cold color palette to infuse warmth in your bedroom paint. Make your moss green a bit muddied, your whites more beige, and your brown a little rusty.

4. Patterns & Layers Everywhere

More than any other room in the house, bedrooms are the true reflection of who we are. It’s our most private, most intimate space in the entire house where we come to rest, relax, and revive.

Bedroom with nightstand, double bed and pictures beside the window
Used with permission of Emily Followill

Therefore, in your bedroom décor section, focus on stocking products that can be used for introducing layers in the space. Think of patterns and textures. Different fabrics for the bed linen, different prints. Mixing vintage wood pieces with postmodern metal designs. Patterned headboards, statement lamps, and mixed metals.

Décor items that can help customers introduce layers or add personality to the interior are going to be a huge trend this year.   

5. Great Wall Art

Whether you are looking to create a mood or set the perfect backdrop for your Zoom meetings, a great piece of wall art always helps tie up the look. It is something that draws the eye, can become a source of daily inspiration, and the first and the last thing you look at when you enter/exit the room.

Wall art can be of many types, shapes, and sizes. For a huge blank wall, a commissioned painting can be used for the most personal touch. For top-of-the-bed spaces, you can hang some of your most cherished photographs, some nice quotes, artistic posters, or even a bit of greenery.

Bedroom with white and blue wallpapers, double bed, armchair, nightstand and windows on the side of the bed
Used with permission of Emily Followill

DIY art prints, abstract color swatches, or a unique lighting fixture can also help you maintain the mood of the room.

As a home décor setup, think of stocking up on temporary murals, paintings, wallpapers, 3D prints, and canvas works, etc. for your 2021 customers.


2021 is the year of change, hope, and second chances. As more and more people start looking to redecorate their bedrooms, knowing the trends in advance will help businesses offer more productive experiences to their consumers.

To make the most of your inventory, pay attention to pieces that contrast, clash, and do not match. In this exciting new year, it’s all about divergence. Thanks to the companies above for consulting.


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