When Do You Need Hot Water System Repairs


The hot water system is one of the most needed appliances in the home. Yet, you often don’t know your hot water system is going bad until you get cold water out of the taps. It works round the clock every day, and considering the stress it has to endure, it’s no surprise that it may break down at a point.  

Learning how to spot warning signals can help you get in touch with the professionals for repair before the problems become bigger. Here are some unavoidable hot water system repairs signs which indicate that you may need to call professional help. 

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Fluctuating Water Heat

Sometimes, the water will come out as hot as you want it, but the other time, it comes out cold or lukewarm. This is called a fluctuating water heating problem, and it is the first clue that something’s wrong.

The mineral deposits and built up around your water heater’s heating elements, keeping them from working as needed. You can get them repaired or replaced rather than investing in a whole new water heating system.


While a water heater is designed to provide hot water, it can be a bad sign if you find water around this fixture. Water pooling around the tank’s bottom is quite dangerous, especially if you have kids, pets, and other electrical appliances around the same area. Add a quick scan for leaks into your regular maintenance service, or call a plumber if you notice your heater leaks.

It’s Older than Ten Years

Do you know how run-down your water heater is, and is it time to replace it? It’s amazing to see some homes still use water heaters that are thirty years old. Water heaters are designed to last between 8-10 years.

If your water heater is approaching this age, you’ll find it might not be working as efficiently as it should. This can eventually lead to less comfortable showers and higher electricity bills. Talk to a professional about your aging hot water heater repair service or see if it can be replaced.

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Signs of Corrosion

Rust is another big sign of water heater troubles. When you find out that there’s rust around your water heater tank or faucet, it’s the ideal time to contact a plumber. This sign shows that the water is creeping into places where it shouldn’t enter.

Rust can additionally lead to corrosion and failure of the tank. If your hot water is rusty, luckily, the problem is within your heater. You can contact a professional soon to arrest the corrosion before it damages your water tank.

Unusual Sounds

A rumbling sound coming from the hot water heater is another sign that mineral deposits have built up and causing the appliance to overheat. Another reason could be that the water heater has a broken dip tube which causes hot and cold water to mix up. It’s perfectly fine if your water heater makes a little noise; however, if the noise becomes loud or you hear cracking sounds, it’s time to call a plumber immediately. 

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Running Out of Hot Water Too Fast

The water heater keeps your water hot and ready for use anytime. But if your water heater isn’t working properly, you might be stuck with the cold water. This shows that you might have a problem with the heating element. It can be reignited, but if it repeatedly goes out or cannot be re-lit, you should ask a professional to inspect your water heater.

If your water heating system shows any of the above-listed signs, then it’s time to call for a hot water heater repair service. Hiring an amateur plumber to fix your water heater is a risky way of either damaging or raising more noises in your water heater. However, dealing with professional plumbers guarantees you impeccable service and a longer life span of your water heater.    Thanks to Anytime How Water for consulting.


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